The Ultimate Checklist of a New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. Perhaps you are going to live alone for the first time, or intend to move into a bigger home with your family. For some people, it is about moving into a smaller space they can afford or maintain with ease. Whichever the case, congratulations! Moving into an empty building is not appealing – it can be scary for some individuals. But when you buy the right stuff and strategically fill the spaces, it finally feels like home and allows you to feel at peace because you know everything is in order.

While some things like a place to sleep and where to sit are obvious, you will realise that it is easy to miss out on other important stuff. That is why you need a checklist to make sure every item is available once you’ve settled. If this is your first time moving, it is doubly important that you have a list with everything you require.

At Only Reviews, our teams have talked to home movers and seasoned individuals in this industry to come up with a comprehensive list of things you require to move into a new home successfully. Before you move though, you need to prepare the home so that it has all the basic utilities. Check the water system, internet connectivity, electricity connections, and gas availability as well. You don’t want to enter into a cold home without these functions.

Home Moving Essentials

When it is time to move, you should have essential items to make the moving easier and smooth. Some of these include obvious stuff like bin bags, boxes, and a box cutter. But others most people would forget include a first aid kit to use in case accidents happen, batteries to replace the old ones on smoke detectors, light bulbs to replace damaged ones, and toilet paper. If you are not sure about the lock quality in the new place, consider getting new locks. Also get basic security safe to ensure your valuables are secure especially if you’ll have movers, neighbours, landlord, and handymen working with you.

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Kitchen Equipment

What is a home without a kitchen? It is the heart where all meals are prepared, and you will need food on the first day you arrive. Some people would go for paper cups and plates, but that is not the best alternative. Just take time and purchase kitchenware you love according to your budget. Some of the qualities to consider include durability, designs, and usefulness.

To prepare a meal, you will need pots, pans, cutting board, tongs, whisks, spatulas, knives, backing sheet, Tupperware, measuring cups, spoons, bottle openers, and utensil holders.

To serve the food, you will need plates, bowls, spoons, serving platters, glasses, mugs, and knives.

To make your cooking easier, you will need stuff like a toaster, microwave, blender, salad spinners, colander, kettle, coffee grinder, and coffee maker. Fridges will help to prevent your foods from spoiling – don’t forget to buy one. Cleanliness is essential in the kitchen and so, you need a washing machine as well. Look at our 7 Best Washing Machines review to make the right choices.

Other important stuff to consider for your kitchen include trash cans or bags, dish soaps, sponges, napkins, aluminium foil, ice cube trays, can openers, cooling mat, kitchen rugs, among others.

kitchen equipment

Living Room

Regardless of the size of your home (a studio or bungalow) ensuring your living space is comfortable for your family and friends, to relax, read, and catch up on news is necessary. As a priority, you’ll need a cozy couch. When choosing this item, you must make sure it is functional and suits your style.

A living room would be incomplete without a coffee table and extra lighting. These two will provide space for placing drinks and make the room look classy. Another thing you shouldn’t forget is a storage solution like a bookshelf, a TV cabinet, or any other storage area that can hold your TV and other streaming devices. Speaking of televisions, you want to buy one that produces high-quality images and gives the best experience anytime you are at home and want to relax. To help you pick one that meets your needs fast, see our 10 best 50-inch Television reviews.

We all love thin TVs but often their speakers lose quality the thinner they become. As a result, you might want a sound-bar. If you are the kind that enjoys movies or has a family member that loves them, you should sign up for stuff like HBO, Netflix, Showtime, Sling TV, Amazon Video, among others.

Living room setting


We’ve mentioned a couch and a coffee table to be important. If your living room is big, you should also add a Media centre, coasters, an armchair, several stools, poufs, and a rocking chair for the ultimate relaxation. We cannot forget other great inclusions like a side table, bookshelf, area rug, and throw blanket.

Furniture in a room


Even if you are busy and won’t be using the living room or the kitchen much, the bedroom is a must-have. Some people make the mistake of buying substandard things for the bedroom because most guests don’t have access to it. However, this room must be well organized and contain everything necessary for the best sleep every time. Please get a good quality bed in this case. You can go for bed frames made from a variety of materials like wood or metal – you make the choice. The best part is that you can have a vendor deliver it to you and set it up on the same day you are moving.

When it comes to mattresses quality, we must mention that standards have improved unlike before. Due to the competition in the industry, they are nowadays lighter and offer the best possible comfort. Therefore, search for a great vendor to buy from, considering stuff like their warranty. A bedroom will also need things like pillows, sheet sets, duvets, a nightstand, a mirror, dresser, lamp, trash can, an alarm clock, curtains, fan, and heater.

Most bedrooms will integrate closets in them. And in the closet, there are essentials like shoe rack, door hooks, hangers, a closet rod for hanging, and hanging shelves. Do not forget to include storage bins, shelf organisers, door mirrors, and space saver bags. In addition to these, purchase window treatments to avoid waking up with the sun in your face.

Bed room furniture


It is easy to get excited here and go for the best-scented soaps in the market as you forget simple yet key bathroom items like a scrubber for the toilet. Things that will help you maintain the toilet cleanliness include a scrubber, toilet plunger, and a cleaning solution. If you have several bathrooms, ensure each one gets its own of this stuff unless you like carrying them from room to room. A trash can is equally important here.

You also need a toilet paper holder and the toilet paper rolls as well. It is time to get rid of your old bath towels ones and get newer alternatives. Consider the colour scheme of your bathroom in your selection of these products. Buy soaps, lotions, and other cleaning solutions. Ensure you have storage space for them as well – a cabinet will do. You can spice things up with candles, a vanity mirror, bathrooms rugs, and mats together with proper lighting.

Bathroom setting


If you are lucky to own a big home with a garden, don’t leave this space empty. There is a lot you can do to make it a place the whole family will want to stay during their free hours. If it requires cutting the grass, please do it. There is also an alternative of laying synthetic grass on it. Depending on the quality, you will buy these man-made grass at varied costs.

Also, go ahead and find outdoor furniture like Adirondack chairs, tables, benches, and stools as well. Don’t forget other important things like umbrellas that will help provide shade during sunshine. If you have a family with children, consider installing climbing frames and trampolines among other playing installations.

garden equipment

Other Essentials

There are things you can use in any of your spaces including brooms for cleaning. Buy an ironing board and iron to straighten your clothes. Gloves, wipes, towels, and stove cleaners can help in making the space tidy. Extension cords and surge protectors will help you get electricity in all corners of your home safely as you need it. If you have a home office, you will need office supplies, computers, a desk, and a cabinet for files. A space heater will warm your home during winter while fans will help you cool down in summer.

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Moving into a new home will be a great experience that will teach you a lot. With a checklist like the one we share here, you avoid getting caught off guard and ensure everything you need is in place. Once you are settled, there are things you will eventually add depending on your taste. With everything in order, be sure of feeling fulfilled and happy. Enjoy your new home!

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