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Access our worldwide network of skilled product and service testers. You provide the product and we will provide the genuine, honest, detailed customer reviews that you need.

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  • Quality Reviews

    We don't deal in quantity, we only deal in quality.

    We can guarantee you 10, 20 or 30 long and detailed reviews from genuine buyers.

    If you want product pictures on your reviews, we can do that. If you want a video review, we can do that too.

  • More Exposure

    You'll get a full, detailed and impartial review posted right here on We'll place your product prominently on the 'best of' list for your category.

    For example, the best garlic press page, or the best ice therapy machine.

    We'll also translate your review into German, Italian, Spanish and French and post that review too.

  • Totally Anonymous

    We have learned over time the importance of anonymity to brands like yours.

    We manage our tight nit group of buyers on our own private forum. Nothing is on Facebook, nothing is public.

    Our product testing group is invite only - we've been full since 2017 with no advertising needed.

    Privacy is guaranteed.

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How We Works:

We Started out in 2009 as an affiliate reviewer, buying products on Amazon, reviewing them and writing about them on our website. Over the years we've added more Services, working
with hundreds of brands....
but what exactly do we do?

We get you reviews on your product.

Here's how:

  • 1

    Firstly, we write a detailed teardown review of your product on our website, and we publish it to our subscribers (currently 144k users). We call this the initial exposure.

  • 2

    Secondly, our Subscribers buy the product at a discounted rate (single use discount code that you provide), or else you agree to reimburse them a portion of the cost by some other method.

  • 3

    Thirdly, the reviewers that take up your offer write a review with us here at, and provide you with detailed feedback about how your product works out in the wild.

  • 4

    We give the users a link to Amazon, where they are free to leave a public review. We do not tie the reviewers directly to leaving reviews on any platform, but as professional reviewers the vast majority do. We have a review rate of 85% and rising. By not expressly requesting a review we make sure to stay well within Amazon's TOC. We're sure you've got some questions, so please contact us here.

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