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  • The Best Fingerprint Door Locks (Biometric Locks) in the UK

    The Best Fingerprint Door Locks (Biometric Locks) in the UK

    Comparing the best fingerprint door locks on the market, we chose the top 8 door locks for testing and evaluating to bring you the pros and cons of each. We spent 2 weeks testing these 8 models on different doors and in different environments, and compared each product from its durability, ability to work indoors and outdoors, its design, its power source and range of functions. Among the 8 we tested, the one that stood out to us as best was the Biometric Fingerprint & RFID Transponder Access Controller Door Opener model F007-EM, and it’s our recommended pick due to its great range of features and easy to operate design. It has a burglar alarm for unwanted access, and users can be deleted without their presence. It can be used both indoors and outdoors as well and includes a warranty for 2 years. However, check out our comparison table and more detailed reviews of each of the 8 products we tested for more info on each to find one that is the best fit for you.

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  • The Best Attic ladders (available in the UK)

    The Best Attic ladders (available in the UK)

    Our enthusiastic team of DIY experts and home-improvement lovers have spent 3 weeks collectively testing 12 different loft ladders to find the best makes and models out there. Testing factors such as quality, ease of use, safety features, material and the heights offered by the different ladders, our team has created a list of our top 5 picks, and yu can check these out in our comparison table and in our more detailed reviews further down the page. Of these, we found both the Deluxe Wooden Loft Ladder with Twin Handrails and Youngman 313340 Easiway Aluminium 3-Section Loft Ladder to be our overall favourites among the loft ladders tested; the Deluxe for its quality at a great price, considering as well it can be used for both commercial and domestic use, and the Youngman 313340 because of its unique design and excellent build quality. Feel free to check out the comparison table and in depth reviews for more info on these 2 and our other loft ladder picks.

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  • The Best Clay Pigeon Skeet Throwing Device (in the UK)

    The Best Clay Pigeon Skeet Throwing Device (in the UK)

    We interviewed 20 pigeon hunting experts, visited multiple throwing farms and read innumerable online reviews to collect a list of 20+ automatic skeet throwing devices and 10+ manual skeet throwing devices. We tested all 30 devices in a controlled environment amid different wind speeds, with five shooters trying to hit the clays coming out of them, and have considered important features such as its performance, assembly, quality and ease of use in our reviews and ratings. The result produced two clear winners: Do All outdoors Raven is our top automatic skeet thrower category and the Claymaster Shooter is our favorite manual counterpart. We chose Do All Outdoors in the first category because it has a sturdy frame, throws singles and doubles with equal ease and comes with a generous warranty. The Claymaster, meanwhile, is easy to operate, comes pre-assembled and one person could operate it without any help.

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  • The Best Bow and Arrow set for kids (in the UK)

    The Best Bow and Arrow set for kids (in the UK)

    We looked at 28 children's bow and arrow sets, of which 9 stood out to us based on their price, design and accessories. Our testing team - consisting mainly of parents and carers with young children - spent over 2 weeks trying out each product (it’s a hard life!), comparing features such as bow quality, what comes with each set, the design, ease of use and price, to produce detailed reviews and a list of pros and cons of each set. The Laser Archery Set for Children by Denny International comes in top for us and is our recommended pick. It’s safe for ages 3 and up, features a laser for making a more accurate shot and also includes everything that makes an archery set interesting, including a quiver, target board, and suction cups on the arrow tips. Take a look at our comparison table below and our in depth reviews a little further down the page.

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  • The Best Gel Seat Cushions (in the UK)

    The Best Gel Seat Cushions (in the UK)

    We spent more than 60 hours testing out 50 different models of gel seat cushions to narrow them down to a list of top performers, comparing features such as comfort, size, ease of use and cleaning ability. We’ve found that the best gel seat cushion is the Supply24 gel foam pillow cushion as it provides a good, even weight distribution making it the most comfortable to sit on - and that’s the main thing you want from a gel cushion, right? Furthermore, the cover is simple to remove and clean and it’s also pretty versatile; you can use it on an office seat as well as when driving. We also found 8 more models that provided good support for the lower back and helped to maintain a good sitting posture. The Bonmedico orthopedic seat cushion, for example, has an ergonomic design and molds to the shape of the body. Our comparison table below shows how our favourite 8 models compare side by side, and keep reading for the in-depth reviews of each.

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  • The Best Spray Tanning Machines (in the UK)

    The Best Spray Tanning Machines (in the UK)

    If you’re looking for advice on a portable spray tanning machine, then you’ve come to the right place. We interviewed 10 mobile tanning technicians, researched the plethora of tanning machines currently in the market and tested 8 of the most popular models to bring you the best spray tanning machines on the market today. Our beauty testing team compared our 8 chosen models based on a variety of factors: their overall performance and finish, ease of use, motor, warranty, special features and included accessories. For us, the best spray tan device is the Rapidtan HVLP, besides giving a top performance it also includes the full set of accessories needed to begin a mobile tanning business. Our comparison table can help give a quick comparison of some of the models’ key features, and our more detailed reviews of each of our top 8 are further down.

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  • The Best Double Pushchairs (available in the UK)

    The Best Double Pushchairs (available in the UK)

    We spent more than a whopping 75 hours testing over 30 models to figure out which are the best double pushchairs currently out there. Enlisting the help of our testing team’s Mummy and Daddy family and friends - as well as a lovely team of mini testers all happy to jump into the pushchairs and be pushed around - we’ve been able to pick out 6 double pushchairs that we feel give the best overall performance, considering factors such as seat comfort and adjustability, wheel performance, how easy they are to manoeuvre, their size, weight and cost. Our testing team feels that the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal-Black is most worthy of the first place position; this model combines performance, reliability and durability seamlessly in one well-designed package. Feel free read on to see out top 6 and check out our in depth reviews on each.

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  • The 7 Best Rug Carpet Rakes (in the UK)

    The 7 Best Rug Carpet Rakes (in the UK)

    Our testing team spent over 100 hours testing out a range of different models currently available on the market to determine the best rug carpet rakes for removing dirt, pet fur and hair off your carpet. We compared important features, such as the effectiveness of each product, the material they’re made from, their sturdiness and quality, ability to get into those hard to reach places, and, of course, the price. Our overall findings prove the Leifheit supra rubber broom with telescopic handle to be our favourite; it features robust bristles that pull out even the most stubborn hair, and it’s versatile with its ability to clean wet surfaces with its rubber squeegee. Some of the other rug carpet rakes that we tested matched the Leifheit for its reliable performance, but the main differences were in their versatility and price. Check out our price comparison table below for info on key features of our top 7, and continue reading to reach our in depth reviews of each.

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  • The 10 Best Power Caulking Guns (in the UK)

    The 10 Best Power Caulking Guns (in the UK)

    Our team of DIY enthusiasts tested a massive 23 caulking guns in order to narrow them down to our top 7. Our testing was based on each gun’s efficiency, ease of use, variable speed and flow control, power source and, of course, the value for money it offers. Following our research, our top picks for power caulking guns are the Ryobi CCG1801MHG and the Campbell Hausfeld Air Powered Caulking Guns. The first one, the Ryobi CCG1801MHG, is more of a professional’s choice being a battery powered tool, while the second one, the Campbell Hausfeld, is a perfect fit for both professional and domestic use. The Ryobi CCG1891MHG can be easily reloaded, has a durable build and also features variable speed control, while the Campbell Hausfeld is a simple air powered caulking gun with a durable build that also offers accurate flow control. Check out our comparison table and in depth reviews below for more info on our 7 favourites.

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