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Baby Products

  • The 10 Best Double Pushchairs

    We spent more than a whopping 75 hours testing over 30 models to figure out which are the best double pushchairs currently out there. Enlisting the help of our testing team’s Mummy and Daddy family and friends - as well as a lovely team of mini testers all happy to jump into the pushchairs and be pushed around - we’ve been able to pick out 6 double pushchairs that we feel give the best overall performance, considering factors such as seat comfort and adjustability, wheel performance, how easy they are to manoeuvre, their size, weight and cost. Our testing team feels that the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal-Black is most worthy of the first place position; this model combines performance, reliability and durability seamlessly in one well-designed package. Feel free read on to see out top 6 and check out our in depth reviews on each.

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  • The 9 Best Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

    We took 30 different hospital grade breast pump models available on the market and spent more than 70 hours testing them with 20 volunteer lactating mothers. In the end we came up with a good list of the top best performing breast pumps. The Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump was the best hospital grade breast pump. It is comfortable to use, has a quiet operation and has a massage cycle. It also features an inbuilt rechargeable battery. The Aolvo Electric Silicon Breast Pump was the best single operation breast pump that we tested. It is simple to use, comfortable but the downside is that it takes a longer time to finish the task. Continue Reading on to discover more!

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  • The 26 Best Wall Stickers for Girls

    We spoke to 20 parents, visited 30 school nurseries, and asked 15 nursery-age girls about their favorite wall sticker patterns and purchased the recommended 50 stickers for an in-depth review. Afterward, we tested every one of these strikers and compared their resulting performance for easy of application and removal, coverage area, color and size range, and design. Consequently, we were able to agree on the best 26 among them. Of those 26, we recommend the Decowall DW-1408 Patterned Butterflies Wall Stickers for every baby girl’s room. In addition to using a non-toxic adhesive - which makes its application and removal a cinch, it is odorless, repositionable, and has an impressive coverage area.

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Baby Product Reviews

Preparing for parenthood is a particularly daunting time. Deciding which products will give your baby the best possible start in life can make the process even more challenging. Here at Only Reviews we aim to give new parents the best information about baby products so that you can spend less time researching and more time getting excited about your new arrival!
Regular repeat purchases can really take a toll on your baby budget. Buying wipes, cream, talc, milk, toys, and bottles can be incredibly expensive but you shouldn’t underestimate the costs of one-off purchases.


One of the most important purchases you’ll have to make is a high-quality pram, these can cost anything up to a couple of thousand pounds – so you’ll want to be certain you’ve made the right decision. 
Parents should also consider the spaces they’re likely to be in most often. Pram’s with a greater width can become a hindrance for those who will need to take their baby out more frequently, especially with double pushchairs that have side-by-side seats. It’s wise to consider whether a double pushchair will be able to fit through standard sized doorways as it can be incredibly inconvenient to fold them down each time, especially with two little ones running around. If you’re likely to be out and about with the pram often, you ought to consider the weight of it – it can be incredibly draining to push around bulkier models all day.
Some prams come with features that make them multi-purpose, eliminating the need to purchase some other products like car seats and Moses baskets. While purchasing a three-in-one set might be cost-effective initially, the seat itself can be damaged over time with the general wear and tear you can anticipate from any child’s product. Some parents prefer to purchase these items separately to ensure their longevity.
Adjustable products can make a big difference to the longevity of these big buys, too. Bigger baby items like car seats can sometimes be customised to fit with your baby’s growth. Often new parents underestimate just how quickly their child will develop, and it really pays to have products that will accommodate this.


Baby-proofing a home can prove incredibly difficult. It’s all about eliminating any risks that could potentially harm your baby, and it’s amazing how much could harm a curious baby! Some new parents will opt to hire a professional to risk-assess their home and kit it out with everything needed, but it’s quite possible to save much needed baby budget by doing this yourself. There are plenty of self-help guides on the internet and plenty of suppliers of the baby safety devices required.
One of the first steps is to put soft protectors on any corners of furniture that are around your baby’s height, it’s not possible to keep an eye on your child at every waking moment, and so you need to ensure they’re safe to wander round. It’s also very important to use covers for electric plug sockets to prevent electrocution. These covers are available relatively cheap from any baby store and there aren’t many requirements they ought to fulfil – just ensure they’re a snug enough fit in the socket that the little ones won’t be able to remove them themselves.
Seeing your child learn how to crawl, walk and climb is exciting, but it opens up a whole new range of possibilities for risk. It can be a good practice to get down to your child’s eye level to understand the hazards that your child might encounter.
There are a few different types of baby gates, the most common are hardware-mounted gates (using screws into surrounding walls and doors) and pressure-mounted gates. Which to use is entirely down to personal preference, the obvious detraction of hardware-mounted gates being the requirement to drill holes in walls. However, it’s best to avoid pressure-mounted gates at the top of stairways where they could potentially give way if a child were to throw their body weight against it – children are remarkably unpredictable, and so it’s best to be cautious.
Also, we’d strongly advise against old-fashioned accordion-style gates as the diamond shaped holes that they form can create the risk of a child’s head getting stuck between them. Of course, research the brand before purchasing. In the past there have been product recalls of several brands for giving way too easily.
Sticking to reputable dealers minimises the risk of purchasing faulty, or low-quality products. There are places where you can scrimp with your baby budget, but safety essentials aren’t one of them.

Car Seats

Buying a car seat for your child is required by law in the UK, and for good reason. It’s incredibly important that car seats are bought new, as second-hand car seats can be damaged in a way that isn’t always apparent. Be sure to purchase from a well-known, reputable brand and always check reviews – there are plenty of horror stories about faulty car seats that you needn’t be a victim of! Be sure to watch out for the padding and shock absorption of a car seat. You’ll need to ensure that your baby’s head won’t move around when travelling as your child’s bones are softer and more prone to injury. Consider not just safety, but also your baby’s comfort. During longer car journeys it can be especially beneficial to have a car seat that your baby is comfortable enough to sleep in!
Where possible, go for a retailer that has staff trained in fitting baby seats. They’ll be more than happy to test out a few models in order to ensure the sizing is suitable for your car, not all car seats are applicable for all cars. Also, it’s important to remember that car seats are very different depending on whether they’re for toddlers or new-born babies, so ensure you’re definitely purchasing the right type – especially if purchasing online without an adviser to consult you on the best option.