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Baby Products

  • The 10 Best Double Pushchairs

    We spent more than a whopping 75 hours testing over 30 models to figure out which are the best double pushchairs currently out there. Enlisting the help of our testing team’s Mummy and Daddy family and friends - as well as a lovely team of mini testers all happy to jump into the pushchairs and be pushed around - we’ve been able to pick out 6 double pushchairs that we feel give the best overall performance, considering factors such as seat comfort and adjustability, wheel performance, how easy they are to manoeuvre, their size, weight and cost. Our testing team feels that the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal-Black is most worthy of the first place position; this model combines performance, reliability and durability seamlessly in one well-designed package. Feel free read on to see out top 6 and check out our in depth reviews on each.

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  • The 9 Best Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

    We took 30 different hospital grade breast pump models available on the market and spent more than 70 hours testing them with 20 volunteer lactating mothers. In the end we came up with a good list of the top best performing breast pumps. The Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump was the best hospital grade breast pump. It is comfortable to use, has a quiet operation and has a massage cycle. It also features an inbuilt rechargeable battery. The Aolvo Electric Silicon Breast Pump was the best single operation breast pump that we tested. It is simple to use, comfortable but the downside is that it takes a longer time to finish the task. Continue Reading on to discover more!

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  • The 26 Best Wall Stickers for Girls

    We spoke to 20 parents, visited 30 school nurseries, and asked 15 nursery-age girls about their favorite wall sticker patterns and purchased the recommended 50 stickers for an in-depth review. Afterward, we tested every one of these strikers and compared their resulting performance for easy of application and removal, coverage area, color and size range, and design. Consequently, we were able to agree on the best 26 among them. Of those 26, we recommend the Decowall DW-1408 Patterned Butterflies Wall Stickers for every baby girl’s room. In addition to using a non-toxic adhesive - which makes its application and removal a cinch, it is odorless, repositionable, and has an impressive coverage area.

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Baby Product Reviews

Onlyreviews strives to provide our readers with a one stop shop where you can get information on the best products available in the market as well as reviews and buying guides to help you make the right choices.

If you have an overly enthusiastic puppy that want you to play fetch all the time, save yourself the hassle by taking a look at the best automatic fetch machines review. Make sure your kitty has a nice place to do his business by checking out the 8 best litter boxes.

In our baby products section, you will find the best double push chairs for your baby. Take a look at the 26 best wall stickers for girls if you want to make your little daughter’s bedroom come alive. 

And for the working mom who still wants to provide baby with proper nutrition, ensure your little one receives enough of healthy mother’s milk by checking out the 9 best hospital grade breast pumps.

Baby Buggy

To provide you, our esteemed readers with the best information and to help you pick the best baby buggy we spent more than 70 hours going through the different models in the market. But first we needed to interview new mothers before writing our review.

We then used that information as a baseline for conducting tests and reviewing the different models that we found. We narrowed them down to the top 10 best.  Check out the 10 best double push chairs review.

Some of the things we were keen on is the size and how easily it could fit through doorways. The state and construction of the wheels will determine how durable it is and whether its an ideal model for mothers who want to jog while still bringing their baby with them. At Onlyreviews you have all the information you need.

Baby Carriers

Sometimes a new mother just wants to have her baby close to her when she’s running her errands or moving about. And what better way to achieve this than to buy a baby carrier. With all the many models in the market, making an informed buying decision can be daunting. At Onlyreviews however, you will find all you need to know from our top 10 best baby carriers review.

To narrow down our top picks, we had to take more than 50 hours testing over 50 models that we found were readily available in the market. High quality fabric, thick and sturdy straps and comfort to the user and the baby were among the most important factors that we considered to provide you with a dependable review.

Car Seats

Driving with baby in the car can be a nerve wrecking affair especially when you consider that they always want to move around and grasp the first thing they can reach, not to mention the high potential for injury involved. This is why at Onlyreviews, we take special care when providing you with honest and well researched reviews.

The right car seat for baby is not only important, it’s a necessity for modern mothers. We took over 72 hours testing out different models to find the top 10 best baby car seats in the market. When doing your shopping, look for a comfortable seat with side walls to keep your lovely bundle of joy safe. Other considerations that we made when making this review was good fitting straps, head support and energy absorption foam protection to mention a few.

Baby Monitors

As a new mother, always staying with baby may not be possible. You still need to move around the house and work on other tasks as you quickly steal glimpses of your softly resting child. To make things easy, in comes baby monitors.

At Onlyreviews we spent 50 hours testing over 40 models to bring you the top 10 best baby monitors. High quality design, compact and reliable receiver, and whether the model offers video functionality are some the important features that we looked at to provide you with a reliable review.


If you do not plan to sleep with baby, then a baby cot is your next best option. We took more than 70 hours testing different models from different manufacturers to bring you our review.

When conducting the tests, Onlyreviews considered the size of the cot, the spacing between the bars and we were especially keen to look for any sharp edges that may hurt baby. This is how we came up with the best baby cots in the market.