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Books Reviews

When you like it whenever your eyes wander across text to absorb all the best information and images, Onlyreviews will be your trusty partner to help you find the best literature by reading our books reviews. Our products are handpicked after going through rigorous analysis and this is how we provide our readers with our top 10 best picks.

For our books sections, reviews were only arrived at after spending countless hours in the library and even more hours interviewing book worms as well as researching online to provide readers with the best possible information.

From fiction to crime and thrillers to Children’s books, our reviewers have gone through each category and read online reviews to find out what others are saying about our selection which also helps us pick only the best books in the market.


For some people, diving into a world of imagination offers a great escape from the harshness of reality. Other than watching that movie, fiction books are a welcome method to achieve this. You can carry with you and read as you travel in that bus or train.

At Onlyreviews we have done tremendous research over the internet and spent more than 70 hours interviewing book lovers who we fished at the local libraries to provide you with a review of the top 10 best fiction books. Dive straight in and check out our reviews to discover some awesome fiction books.

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

If you are a crime books lover, our review on the top 10 best crime, thrillers and mystery books will provide you with good reading for a long time to come. Even better why not buy every one our top crime and mystery books and read through them.

To provide you with the best possible list, our review took countless hours of research and over 50 hours spent interviewing mystery book fans on the best books in the market. This review provides you with an in-depth analysis of each book and what makes it earn a place among the best crime, thrillers and mystery book on our list.

Children’s Books

The best thing you can do for a developing mind is offer it the best information. At Onlyreviews, we have scoured the internet and spent over 100 hours interviewing early child development teachers on what makes a good children’s books.

Simple to read with plenty of illustrations and images are essential. This is the criteria that our review was based on. Take a look and pick one or more of the top best children’s books on our list. Your child will love you for it.


There are many places where you can find inspiration. Nature, the outdoors, some special souls even manage to draw inspiration from within their own wandering minds. One great way is to read biography books. Pretty much any well-known individual has an account of his life experiences laid down in a biography book and at Onlyreviews, we spent a considerable amount of time finding the best reads for our review.

From Trevah Noah’s Born a Crime to The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, our Top 10 best reviews will keep you glued and entertained as you read through the diverse experiences of some well-known individuals. Head out to our books sections and check out our review.

Food &Drinks

Have you always wanted to improve your culinary skills but are aware of the less that perfect kitchen skills? Have you been wondering where to start? Getting foods and drinks books with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create delish dishes is the way to go.

Onlyreviews provides you with a rich list of our top 10 best food and drink books so far and laid them down for you in our review.