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  • 10 Best Ice Scrapers

    Snowfall comes with its challenges to travelers, homeowners, and business owners. Your vehicle will be covered in snow, the house will bear its weight, the windows, and pavements will be enveloped in snow as well. If you don't clear the snow, you will compromise on productivity and safety might be an issue. It's impossible to drive with a covered windshield, right?So, it is unavoidable to clear ice when it forms, and without the right ice scraper you're most likely going to make yourself late for work. You need ice removal tools to make it easier. That is why we have been exploring the market of the best ice scrapers to help prepare you for winter. Preparing ahead of time will help you tackle the situation effectively and calmly.Depending on how you experience weather in your location, you will choose between a simple ice scraper and a sophisticated snow remover. In some instances, you'll choose a versatile design to use on several occasions. Take a look at what we've picked out for you either way.

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  • Best 5 Breathalysers in the UK

    This review is for the law-abiding citizens who wouldn't dare drive on the roads when they are intoxicated. It is not just against the law to drink and drive, but highly dangerous as well. You endanger yourself and other road users. Therefore, it is responsible for you to make sure that you don't reach or surpass the legal alcohol limit before you can go behind the wheel.Breathalyzers are a great way to determine if you are good to drive or not. These gadgets employ high-end technology to help you test the amount of alcohol in your breath - which correlates with how much alcohol content is in your blood. This way, you avoid imprisonment and the hefty fines you might pay when the police catch you. But how many of us understand how to select the best breathalyzer for personal use?The Only Reviews team will help you to pick the best breathalyzers in the UK. We have tested and come up with the products that are functional and cost-effective as well. Here are our top five.

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  • The 7 Best Oil Additives Review

    We interviewed 7 Petroleum Engineers, visited 3 Oil Refineries, spoke to 5 Car Mechanics and read innumerable online reviews to prepare an initial list of 20 oil additives. Then, we compared the performance of each of these additives against various indicators including lubrication, protection against wear and tear, performance against dry sludge build-ups, and ability to bring down the temperature. As a result, we were able to narrow down our list to the 7 best oil additives on the market, of which the Slick 50 Engine Treatment Oil Additive gets our nod to be the best. It provides enough lubrication to not only remove dry particles’ build-ups but also decrease temperature and reduce wear and tear. Also, it comes with a respectable warranty. 

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  • The 8 Best OBD2 Scanners

    After a week of research, we have compiled our top picks for the best OBD2 scanner you can buy. We looked out for devices that were easy to use, portable, had data storage capabilities and could perform a wide variety of readings.  At the No. 1 spot is the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool. Its large, easy-to-read 7 inch display and its ability to perform full diagnostic checks and other functions make it a great choice. Check out our comparison table below and the product reviews which will help you make an informed decision and choose the best OBD2 diagnostic scan tool.

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  • The 8 Best CB Radios

    We interviewed 15 Truckers, tested 20 CB Radios, and read innumerable online reviews to find the best CB Radios in the UK Market today. The result produced one clear winner: the Cobra 29 LX EU. That is, because, the Cobra 29 LX EU provides immaculate signal strength, allows access to NOAA weather reports, features a built-in alarm clock and noise canceling mic, and is extremely lightweight. In the table below, we look at dimensions, weight, NOAA Weather Reports,, Rating and of course price for comparison. All 8 full reviews are a little further down the page.

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  • The 10 Best Car Battery Charger

    We visited over 20 garages and interviewed them on what makes a good car battery charger. They all mentioned polarity protection, ease of use, easy reading, amongst other factors. We then used this information to test out 40 different car battery chargers within a span of 72 hours. We found that the best car battery charger is the NOCO Genius G750UK Battery Charger. It has a strong and sturdy build, is simple to use and charges fast. We also found 9 more units that performed exceptionally well. The Ring RCB208 12V 8A Battery Charger offered the fastest charging time on our list thanks to its 8 Amps capacity. Continue reading to learn more on what we found. 

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  • The 8 Best Gas Cans

    We interviewed campers, road trip lovers and long-distance drivers on the best qualities of a good and reliable gas can. They mentioned durability, capacity and ease of use as some of the most important factors. With that information, we proceeded to test out over 30 different models of gas cans. We found that some performed better than others. In the end our choice for the best gas can was the TUFF JUG TJ1R Red Gasoline Fuel Container. It features a neatly designed spout that locks on the tank to prevent spillage while also having a heavy-duty construction. The ASC 20 Liter jerry can, features 3 handles for easy transport and is among the heaviest and sturdiest gas cans on our list. Continue reading to learn more about what we found out!

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  • The 10 Best Car Batteries

    After visiting more than 30 garages and learning all we could about car batteries, we then spent over 70 hours testing 40 different car battery models that we found on the market. In the end we chose the Bosch S5 Car Battery type 096, as the best car battery based on the heavy-duty construction, large size and a CCA of 780. There was also the SuperBatt Type 100/096 car battery which we found comes with calcium plates and is corrosion resistant. Continue reading to find out more on the other high-quality car batteries on our list. 

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  • The 11 Best Hitch Bike Racks

    We spent 50 hours testing 30 different hitch bike racks that we found on the market. We wanted to find out which ones held the bikes securely and came with a heavy-duty construction. Another concern of ours was whether the models that allowed the bikes to hang and swing also offered a secure hold. In the end we found the Hollywood Racks HR1400 Hitch Mount Rack to be the best. It is a heavy rack that can transport 4 bikes. The bikes are also held securely and do not shake or jiggle. The Peruzzo 668 Trailer Hitch Bike Ride is very simple to install and is the most affordable hitch bike rack on our list. Read on to learn more about the other hitch bike racks on our list.

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Cars & Automotive Product Reviews

Have you ever bought a product, got home, tried to use it, and immediately thrown it into the bin because it lacked the basic features you were looking for? Or perhaps it has flaws you didn't expect? Sure, this happens to many people, but most of the time we can avoid it if we took time and got more information about what we needed. Shopping online is particularly rife with this problem notably when we are buying gadgets.

The car part and accessories industry is one such place you can easily make a shopping mistake if you are not careful. Finding auto parts is not often easy and can be a costly exercise as well. However, what we need to know is, regardless of the ease the internet brings us, we should not rush into buying vehicle parts because it can simply become a waste of effort, time, and money. You should understand some basic concepts first before you can pay for anything. Here at Only Reviews, we value you and are ready to offer free advice to make wise decisions as you look for car products. We've discussed various things to consider before you buy any part of a vehicle below.

Compare the Costs

Since you are not a vehicle mechanic (like most of us), you probably don't know the standard prices of specific car accessories and parts out there (even some mechanics don't). Therefore, it is wise to compare the prices from several online sellers. You have to take time and surf through several websites to identify the varied price tags on the items you want to purchase. The idea here is to not settle for the first option you get. Go around, consider all the costs and choose the lucrative alternative available.

Most customers don't take the time to look at the shipping services. For car parts and accessories, the shipping costs can be higher than other items. They are usually bigger and weigh a lot and so, the vendor has to invest in the packaging - which requires a lot of money.

Who is the Seller?

Consumers like looking at the manufacturers of various vehicle parts and accessories before they can buy but forget to investigate the seller. While finding the origin of a product is important, it is doubly critical to know about the seller. There are con men seeking to steal your hard-earned money, and they will be looking for places and opportunities where you are vulnerable the most to make their move. Get some information about the website you are about to send your payment first before making payments.

First off, ensure the e-commerce site is secure to enter your personal details because hackers can steal from unprotected websites. The site needs to be user-friendly and have a good reputation from other buyers. Get this through buyer reviews and testimonials. If the site is genuine, they will not ask for money until you place an order. There are chances to get stuck if it is your first buying stuff online. If this happens, it is safer to ask friends or family around you for help. Online forums and Q&A sites can assist in certain situations as well. Just make sure you do not give away your personal information. You can only be sure about a vendor when you make successful purchases from them.

Product Compatibility 

You want to be sure the product you are buying will serve the purpose you are getting it for. That is why at Only Reviews, we take our time to provide you with important information about each product in the hope that you'll read and find one that suits your needs. What you buy should work properly and meet your requirements. Apart from the usefulness of an item, it is essential to know if it is genuine or not. And the easy way to find out about original parts is through cross-checking with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

When a vendor offers you a heavy discount on an item, take it with a pinch of salt. Those who sell fake or spoiling products will try to attract you with cheaper prices. Look into the details like the compatibility and descriptions to be sure they are what you need.

Will the Product Need Installation?

Installing vehicle parts and accessories can be a DIY task. Doing it on your own will save you a lot of money, time, and avoid headaches from the extra hands needed to install also. However, there are times when professional help is required. That is what you need to find out. If the vendor is within reach, get to know if they offer installation services. And are they free or come at a cost? Some sellers send an expert with the product to install it for you. Or even better, they can recommend a local expert who partners with them to offer the technical services. 

Shipping and Tracking Procedures

Vehicle parts are not things you can trust in the hands of any random vendor. Of course, there are shipping charges involved, unless stated otherwise. Find out how much you need to pay for the product to get to your home. Remember the distance between your residence and the seller's warehouse is important because it will determine how long the shipping will happen. Most online sellers have tracking options, which can help you know where your product is every time.

Do the Products Have Return Policies, Guarantee, or Warranty?

What happens when the product arrives while damaged? What if it breaks down soon after you purchase? That is why every vehicle part and accessory needs to have a warranty period and return policy. In case it fails under certain circumstances, you can send it back for a refund or get a replacement. Without this, it means you'll have to purchase another one. If the vendor does not state the guarantee period clearly, it is better to find another one. Normally, e-commerce websites have return policies you can read before you commit to buying any vehicle parts.