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  • The 7 Best Sun Hats

    After considering 20 hats over a period of 30 days, testing them in various weather conditions and on various journeys, checking their sizes, brim length, material type, UV protection, and breathability, we think the Wombat Brown Leather Bush Hat is best for everyone. That is, because, it provides UV50+ protection, made of a waterproof material, is ultralightweight, and holes in its neck strap ensure airflow throughout the hat to make sure your head remains cool. To check the other hats which we deemed worthy of inclusion in this article - as well as how they compare against each other - scroll down.

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  • The 9 Best Work Socks

    After considering 20+ work socks but testing only 9 – and checking their breathability, cushioning, arch support, machine washability, and odor protection – we can now say with certainty that the Bridgedale Merinofusion are the best summer and the Wigwam Men’s At Work are the best winter work socks. While the Bridgedale Merinofusion has a low cut, ankle support, shin bone protection, and extra cushioning – which make it ideal for summer, the Wigwam Men’s At Work contains wool, has a fully cushioned footbed with reinforced sole and odor guard to keep your feet fresh in winter conditions.

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Clothing Reviews

At only reviews, our expert reviewers work even in the odd hours of the night testing different models and products to ensure that our readers have the best advice and to provide the most reliable reviews. In the clothing section, you will find women and men’s shoes and accessories to suite your unique taste.

If you like spending a lot of your time exploring the outdoors, you know that the weather can get shifty. That’s why Onlyreviews provides you with the 7 best sun hats review and buying guide for the best UV protection.

Spending a lot of time standing and moving around in your place of work may get your feet tired. Our 9 best work socks review shows you the most comfortable, well cushioned work socks that you can find. Have you been wondering how to get the best pair? Find out all you need to know in the review.

Onlyreviews offers you the convenience of finding the best products while eliminating the hassle of doing your own research. If for example you are searching for the best patio umbrella or looking to turn your lawn lush and green with the best lawn fertilizer or in need of a convenient luggage cart, you will find it all right here at Onlyreviews.

Women’s Coats

Every woman needs a stylish coat to complement that office look and the great thing is that most coats can be worn with different dress codes. However, some coats will last longer than others and this is why our expert team of reviewers spent more than 50 hours testing various women’s coats that we found on the market.

Our review handpicked the top 10 best women’s coats on the market based on dense material weaving, high quality fabric and a durable construction. With the review you will learn all you need to know when picking the best quality women’s coats and not worry about it losing condition with the first wash.

Women’s bags

For women, having a good quality bag is not only essential, it is a necessity and a fashion statement. Not knowing what to look for in a quality women’s bag will cause you to choose one that won’t last long. At Onlyreviews you will find the best information, buying guide and reviews to help you buy the best women’s bag.

check out our review on the top 10 best women’s bags. We spent 40 hours going through, analyzing and testing the different bags based on the material construction, convenience and comfortable use.

Women shoes

Shoes make it comfortable to walk on any type of ground. In our clothing section, read through our selection of the best women’s shoes on the market. Our review focuses of key areas to look out for such as the right fit, style, color and material construction.

Here at Onlyreviews we spent considerable hours on different shoes to find the most durable and comfortable models. Our team of reviewers tested them out on 20 volunteer models to provide you with a well-researched and in-depth review!

Men’s Jeans

Every man has his own taste and preference when it comes to the clothes they wear and with jeans it is no exception.  Onlyreviews offers a variety of options to choose from whether it’s skinny jeans you are after or simply looking for a neat pair of slim jeans.

Our research took considerable hours in testing the different jeans from different manufacturers to provide our readers with the best reviews of the top 10 jeans on the market. Here you will learn how to choose the right size and style through our well researched product reviews.

Men’s Watches

We spent 50 hours researching the best men’s watches on the market to bring you our top 10 picks. Check out our clothing’s section for a lowdown on the best watches to look out for. Our buying guide and reviews gives readers a detailed guide on how to pick the right watch to complement your style.

Go through the 10 best men’s watches and learn how to make the right pick based on operation, your individual style and how the watch actually works. The review will turn you into a watch enthusiast and is a basis for making the most informed buying decision.