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  • The 11 Best Gaming Laptop

    We spent over 100 hours testing 40 of the bestselling Gaming Laptops available on the market. We wanted to find the best performing model that featured a UK keyboard. Thick and sturdy exterior, powerful cooling system, good graphics, high quality backlit keyboard and a good audio system were among the most important features that we considered.The Alienware QHD Tobi Eye-Tracker Gaming Laptop was out favourite gaming laptop. It comes with a 120Hz refresh rate, has a high-quality build and has excellent graphics. However, it is quite heavy at 4.42 kgs.The ASUS Road Strix GL503VM-FY022T Gaming Laptop, on the other hand, is the most lightweight laptop on our list. It still features good graphics and a stylish neat design. Below you''ll find our thoughts on the rest of our shortlist.

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  • The 6 Best Standing Desks

    After spending 24 hours on testing 15 different standing desks, 6 of them made the shortlist of our favourite standing desks available on the market. Out of all the products we reviewed, our favourite standing desk for work and office productivity was the Lavolta Ergonomic Laptop Table Desk. It’s compact, portable, and features locking joints that offer a 360 degree rotation to perfectly adjust its height according to your preference. Another honorable mention is the Avantree Adjustable Laptop Portable Standing Desk. It’s a light and sturdy multi-functional standing desk that you can use as a breakfast tray, a laptop table, and much more. We created a comparison chart below for you to see which standing desk is best for your needs.

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  • The Best Extended Mousepads (Available in the UK)

    After studying 32 extended mouse pads online and then buying 8 of the best for an in-depth review, we found that the ASUS ROG Sheath Extended Gaming Mouse Pad and the Elzo Extended Gaming Mouse Pad top our list. Both of these mouse pads feature durable anti-fraying stitches and a reasonably large extended size - two of the most important features we tested for, though we have considered thickness and cost as well. Our reviews weren’t focused solely on gamers, else our picks would’ve been simply the largest pads on our list. However, both of our picks are equally suitable for both gamers and regular mouse pad users. You can take a look at the comparison chart below and read the in-depth reviews further down.

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  • The 8 Best Backlit Keyboards Review

    We interviewed 10 professional gamers, visited 4 professional gaming tournaments, spoke to dozens of online gaming enthusiasts, and read innumerable online reviews to prepare a provisional list of 20 best backlit keyboards. Then, after testing these keyboards on all the four major operating systems in, MAC, Windows, Android, and iOS, we checked them for different features including customizable backlit modes, battery life, anti-ghosting, macros, and polling rates. Consequently, while we had started with 20, we ended up with the 8 best backlit keyboards on the market, of which the Logitech G213 Prodigy is undoubtedly the best. It features dedicated media control buttons, has a remarkable anti-ghosting capability, allows the creation of multiple profiles at once, and lets you adjust its brightness from a wide range of options. 

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  • The 5 Best Mini PC Sticks

    Our team of experts tested 20 different PC sticks for 30 days to find out the best Mini PC stick for our readers. In addition to checking the operating system of the PC stick, our research team noted its RAM, built-in storage, processor count, connectivity options, and ease of use. Thereafter, we were able to identify the 5 best Mini PC Sticks in 2018, of which the ASUS Chromebit CS10 Stick is undoubtedly the best. Apart from running on the light Chrome OS, this PC stick has an impressive 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM and its manufacturer provides 100GB of storage in the form of Google drive. However, if you were looking for an option for Windows OS, you can check out the MeeGoPad T07 PC Stick. It boasts 4GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, and also has an audio jack where you can plug-in your headphone to listen your favorite songs. 

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  • The 8 Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters

    We tested over 20 different wifi and mobile boosters in multiple environments in an attempt to find out which ones are the best in terms of connectivity and overall performance. After 24 hours of research, trial, and review, the NETGEAR 11AC 1200 EX6150 tops our list mainly due to simple installation and fast performance. The TP-Link RE350 AC1200 comes in at second thanks to its phenomenal range and LED indicators for indicating signal strength.Here is a chart of the best wifi and mobile signal boosters and their specifications:

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  • The 10 Best Drawing Tablets

    We visited over 15 digital artists and graphic designers at their studios in an attempt to find the best features of a quality and reliable drawing tablet. Among the most common answers were a good screen size, responsive stylus pen and a strong and sturdy build.With this information, we then tested 30 different models of graphics drawing tablets and came up with a good list. The Simbans PiccassoTab Multi-Purpose Graphics Tablet is the best drawing tablet. It was simple to use and comes with a sturdy frame.The HUION INSPIROY Q11 Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet came with the largest screen frame and offered the best arm movement for easy sketching. Continue reading to discover more!

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  • The 9 Best Slide Scanners

    Our team of experts picked 20 slide scanners, tested them for their resolution, image quality, scanning time, color adjusting, supported film size, and prices, and can now say with consensus that the Evedyo E10 PRO Film to Digital Converter is the best slide scanner on the market. In addition to supporting multiple types of films, it has an internal memory and an SD Card slot and scans files in just over 3 seconds. Also, the 22MP resolution offered by this scanner is unrivaled by any of the other 8 devices in this review. Once you’ve gone through the below-mentioned comparison table, go down a little to check detailed reviews of all 10 scanners.

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  • The 5 Best Color Laser Printers

    We purchased 20+ color laser printers, divided them into the home and office-use categories, before using the former in our office and the latter in our friends’ homes. After a month’s usage and comparison of their performance with printing speed, toner usage, and power consumption, we selected the top five best color laser printers for this article. Therefore, if you want a printer for your home, we recommend Brother HL-3140CW. It offers Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet connections, has a considerable print speed with an LCD display and could also be used for printing envelopes. For office environments, the slightly costly HP MFP M477fdw gets our nod. Apart from printing, copying, and scanning, this printer – via its features – keeps toner usage in check to lower your printing costs.

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  • The 7 Best Bluetooth Transmitters

    We tested over 20 Bluetooth wireless transmitters and receivers to determine which among them was the best as far as overall functionality, pricing and design go. After sitting down with our experienced hardware technician, we focused on ten of the best ones currently available in the online market. In terms of overall functionality such as transmission, stability and devices supported, the Avantree Oasis comes out on top. Check out the list of the best Bluetooth wireless transmitters below for comparison. A review follows the table; read on to get a better idea on each device listed. That way, it will be easier to find out which is best suited for your laptop or other on-the-go needs.

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  • The 9 Best Modems For COX

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  • The 10 Best Portable Scanners

    After considering 20 portable scanners but testing only 10 – which included checking their scanning resolution, scanning speed, power supply, compatibility with various OS, built-in memory, and connectivity options – we have concluded that the FLAGPOWER Solutions Portable Scanner is certainly the best portable scanner for both documents and images. This scanner provides different scanning speeds at different resolutions. For instance, while it scans a full page in up to 10 seconds at 900 dpi, it does the same within 8 seconds at 600 dpi resolution. Also available is the standard resolution of 300 dpi at which it provides a scanning speed of up to 3 seconds. Also, to conserve energy, this scanner shuts-off after 3 minutes of inactivity. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, though you can’t use it on iOS devices. The unit comes with a 12-months warranty as well.

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Computers & Accessories Reviews

Things to Consider Before You Purchase a Computer

When it comes to purchasing a computer, there are a lot of things to consider. For those of us who are not knowledgeable about computer hardware, it becomes a challenging task to identify and compare various features. But it is necessary to learn a little about these characteristics if we are to enjoy the benefits of the machine we purchase.  You don't want what you choose to fall short of meeting your needs. Computers are unequal in many ways. They come from different manufacturers. Have varied spec values, and have elements that make them stand out from the rest. A computer might look good for your needs but have unnecessary parts that cause the price to be unnecessarily high.

At Only Reviews, we have you in mind and are willing to help you get around the numerous differences in computers to pick one that suits your needs. It will also help you save more after getting the computer you need.

Choose Between a Laptop or Desktop

You can determine between the two without looking at a variety of choices in the market. Laptops come at higher costs because they accommodate several specs in a compact design. Laptops also come with batteries which they run on raising the prices even further. The desktop, on the other hand, has bigger hardware and have to be connected to electricity to operate. 

A desktop is great if you are looking for a steady workstation that does not require moving around. If you want a high performing unit, you just need to consider better specs. This machine is also easier to upgrade components when your needs arise. It comes with powerful funs that make cooling it easier, which helps it last longer. On the other hand, a laptop is what you need when you want a computer you can move around with anywhere as you wish. If your needs are not too many, you can acquire a netbook or a cheaper tablet which might come at the same price as a desktop.

Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS)

If you are already familiar with a particular operating system, it is better to stick with it. It is hard to relearn a different one. Unless you intend to put in work and learn, then you are free to choose what you need. Mac OS is easier to use among the three. Windows is great for those who want close to full control of the nitty-gritty of their computer system. Linux will require some time to learn if you've been using other options. However, not all operating systems run on all computers. There are computers designed to run on specific software and when you interchange them, they won't work.

Hard Drive

Hard drives are for storage. You can choose to go for internal or external options. If you intend to have no peripherals, ensure you get a spacious internal drive normally in gigabytes or terabytes for the bigger options. A computer with peripherals will allow you to have an external drive where you can move your data after using it on the computer. If you don't plan to store staff on the computer, go for a smaller option to save money.

Peripheral Considerations

You know your needs and so, you'll consider buying a computer with the number of ports you desire. Sometimes one might need many USB ports, while others opt for a few because they'll be doing everything online. The computer you choose might have USB 3.0 or USB Type-C, or both. While there are other alternatives, these two are faster and current. But also make sure you buy good cables to avoid destroying your computer.

HDMI is another port to expect if you want a computer for entertainment. It will allow you to connect to other machines like TV or audio outlets. An SD slot will be good for photographers. It is a good way to increase the memory of the computer. An in-built Wi-Fi receiver will be great if you want to connect to the internet without using wires. An ethernet port will need wires to get an internet connection. You might also want Bluetooth connectivity to help you send stuff across devices without cable connections.

Check the Processor

As the brain of the computer, a processor will determine how fast you are able to use your machine. A powerful processor will make your operations faster and effortless. For those who are not tech savvy, you want to look for a bigger number labeled in Gigahertz(GHz). If the number is big, then it processes faster. Multiple cores of the processor will be useful for guys who multi-task. Sometimes computers can have the same processor, but their clock speeds might vary. Therefore, ask for the clock speed of the processor before you can give your money.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Just like in the case of the processor, you want RAM that is faster to allow you to multi-task. It normally comes in gigabytes, and when the number is higher, that translates into RAM that transfers a lot of data per time. When you look at the specifications of RAM, you might see figures like DDR2-800 or DDR2-400. Meaning, the fast one transfers data faster than the second option. The RAM sizes are not limited to the two examples we've given.

Expert Advice

The world of technology is changing fast. And one of your first priority, when you go out to buy a computer is to exercise patience. A brand new computer today might be an old edition tomorrow. Monitor the market and you might notice new releases that are soon to happen. You might spend your money on one today and realize that its price has significantly reduced the following day because a new version has been released. Knowing when to make the move is key in getting you the best value for your money.

Wait for fresh releases to get the latest technologies or spend less on the older editions. Spend more if need be to nudge up the specs of your computer.