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DVD & Blu-ray Reviews

Understanding About Blu-ray Players Before You Buy

Watching high-definition movies has never been easier and entertaining thanks to Blu-ray players. These devices provide high-quality pictures and great sound effects. They should be in your list of things to buy, particularly if you own an HDTV to experience the full potential of their screen display. You can't get a similar quality level from DVD layers because they don't play Blu-ray discs in the first place. It has been over a decade since the introduction of two disc formats and so, the Blu-ray players are plenty in the market requiring you to understand a few concepts before you can buy them.

Understanding the dilemma you might face when you want to purchase this product, we at Only Reviews discuss some of the features to look out for to get what suits your needs. You deserve the best at an affordable cost and so, you should read these ideas to make the right choices.


Choose a Blu-ray disc player that is capable of playing CDs and DVDs. You cant get this from the earlier models because they did not incorporate these abilities in them. You also want a player that is able to access audio or video content from a flash drive, USBs and internet streaming like Vudu, Netflix, and the rest. With this, you have a lot of entertainment sources for your needs. There are Blu-ray disc players that share content with other devices like audio systems or any other compatible systems. In addition, you should consider a player that can copy or transfer music from a CD to a flash drive.

Disc Formats

You don't have to worry about throwing away your current DVDs when you buy a Blu-ray player. They can play them well. In fact, these machines do not just play Blu-ray discs and DVDs alone, they also work with commercial CDs (even the MP3 burned ones). There are also some models that play video CDs, WMA, JPEG, DVD RAM discs and DVD-/+/R/RW. If you decide to go with the universal options, you can as well enjoy playing DVD-Audio discs together with SACD if you have them.
You want a Blu-ray player with great DVD Upscaling abilities. Even though most of these players can perform well with DVDs, there are those that provide dismal results in comparison to others. Of course, upconversion does not mean that what you see will be in high-definition quality. The player will be filling the gaps with made up information.
If you will, you can choose the high-priced 4K upconversion ultra-HD displays. This feature makes it possible for media files to improve to 4K quality (even though not to the same level of the original 4K). They take the movie experience several steps ahead, and movie enthusiasts will find it amazing using this device. Such a player is known as future proof.

3D Capacity

3D movies have become a common part of our entertainment world and so, there are 3D Blu-ray movies as well. Therefore, if you are to watch on your HDTV popular content in 3D formats, a Blu-ray player that that supports such must be available. You can also go a mile further through 3D glasses or 3D TV if you wish.

USB Connection

A good Blu-ray player should have USB connection support for many reasons. That is where you can attach storage memory in form of a thumb drive, play media files like photos, music, and videos in various digital formats as they are contained in the drive, or connect WiFi network through this port to stream content from the web.


When you make your Blu-ray player purchase, the vendor should include an HDMI cable. This feature will help you transmit video and audio signals in high-resolution signals to your entertainment system and HDTV.

Multichannel Analog Audio Outputs

If you love to listen to uncompressed audio sounds in your home entertainment systems, then a Blu-ray player will deliver the high-quality sound you covet so much. Unlike the DVD players and TV broadcasts, the Blu-ray discs support DTS-HD Master and Dolby TrueHD audio formats. They pass native audio to the A/V receivers to decode for a high-resolution effect.

The Adjustability of the Picture

Most Blu-ray players can adjust the picture according to the content in view. You can switch between the ratio of 4:3 to 16:9 screen aspect ratios. This feature allows the player to accommodate DVDs, which aren't in screen formats that are wide. If your discs come with different angle views, the Blu-ray player can adjust in various angles for this purpose. They also come with black level adjustment and zoom ability. You will also have the sharpness and brightness control features on the player, but it is better to do the alterations on the television.

Copy Protection System

The copy protection feature comes incorporated in some Blu-ray players is made with region coding within so as to govern the kind of material one can watch. It can prevent unauthorized copies from playing. It also only allows devices meant to work together to do so as well. Those enabled with HDMI must send signals and recognize each other first before they can play.

The Costs

Blu-ray players come at a fraction of price of what they initially cost ten years back. With $100, you can get a good quality player. However, there are cheaper options as there are costlier ones. Going with the cheap ones might not provide you with the quality you want. Some are no better than good-quality DVD players with standard definition abilities. And given that you want a Blu-ray player that delivers high-resolution pictures for a new experience in your home, it is better to spend a little more for better results.
The high-end Blu-ray players cost into thousands of dollars. And the more you pay, the more features you can expect from these devices. But the prices of these machines keep coming down with time, which is facing off DVD players from the market.