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Under the scorching heat of the sun comes our craving for a fruit shake, frappe, or simply cold water. It’s easy to buy those refreshments outside but what if you’re tired to go outside or there aren’t stores nearby? The quick solution is to make ice at home. You can make ice manually but it will take some time. The real quick way of getting ice is through a portable ice maker. By simply putting water in it, you can get tiny pieces of ice in a short span of time. Is it possible? Yes, it is! Humans are indeed incredible inventors. At present, there are numerous kinds of portable ice makers in the market. In this post, we’ll give you more ideas about portable ice maker and the best product to purchase for an efficient ice making activity and save time. Read more

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 NewAir AI-100CB Portable Ice Maker, Blue by NewAir
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 COSTWAY Ice Maker Machine, Portable Counter Top Electric Ice Machine, Silent & Easy Operation, 12Kg Ice in 24 Hours, 2.2 L Tank, Including Scoop and Removable Basket
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 NutriChef Portable Countertop Ice Maker (PICEM15) by NutriChef
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NewAir AI-100CB Portable Ice Maker, Blue by NewAir Top rated
COSTWAY Ice Maker Machine, Portable Counter Top Electric Ice Machine, Silent & Easy Operation, 12Kg Ice in 24 Hours, 2.2 L Tank, Including Scoop and Removable Basket Lowest price
NutriChef Portable Countertop Ice Maker (PICEM15) by NutriChef
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NewAir AI-100CB Portable Ice Maker, Blue by NewAir




COSTWAY Ice Maker Machine, Portable Counter Top Electric Ice Machine, Silent & Easy Operation, 12Kg Ice in 24 Hours, 2.2 L Tank, Including Scoop and Removable Basket




NutriChef Portable Countertop Ice Maker (PICEM15) by NutriChef




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£246.66 more
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Product Reviews


NewAir NewAir AI-100CB Portable Ice Maker, Blue by NewAir


The AI-100CB is a compact ice maker that’s good for small kitchens and spaces. It’s a powerful and easy-to-use unit that’s a good choice for different applications.


The AI-100CB is a powerful and compact unit that can be used in small spaces and small kitchens. It includes a powerful compressor that makes 28 lbs. of ice/day, so it’s productive enough for most situations.

The ice maker produces bullet-shaped ice in 6 minutes. This is a key feature for events like parties when you’ll need lots of drinks for sodas, juices, alcoholic drinks, etc.

The ice maker is powerful yet produces low energy costs.


The ice maker can be used for various events like backyard barbecues and weekend getaways. It can be used to cool various drinks like lemonade, sodas, punches, and cocktails.


The AI-100CB includes indicator light, so you’ll know when it’s time to add water, or the ice basket must be emptied. This helps to provide a non-stop supply of ice for your indoor or outdoor event.

You can make ice cubes of three different sizes like small, medium, and large. The Led control panel lets you change the ice cube size.

The unit also includes an auto defrost design. This prevents the need to spend lots of time defrosting and frees up time for making ice for refreshing drinks.


The ice maker includes a strong steel construction.


Ease of Use/Installation

This ice maker is basic and hassle-free that doesn’t need any installation. All you have to do is plug it in, add water, then wait for a maximum of 15 minutes to start enjoying ice cubes from the ice maker.

The side-mounted drain makes the ice maker easy to clean, which provides more convenience.

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COSTWAY COSTWAY Ice Maker Machine, Portable Counter Top Electric Ice Machine, Silent & Easy Operation, 12Kg Ice in 24 Hours, 2.2 L Tank, Including Scoop and Removable Basket


This portable ice maker is from Costway. It’s a compact yet high-efficiency unit that produces 26 lbs. of ice in 24 hours. It’s a good option if you want to save time, space, and power.


The ice cube basket has a 1.5-lb. capacity. This helps to free up space in your freezer so you can keep other food in there. You can also prepare for events like parties ahead of time so you can keep the party going and prevent an ice shortage crisis.

The unit has a big productivity and can make a maximum 26 lbs. of ice in a 24-hour period. You can also keep the unit running for a full day to provide enough ice for your household and guests.


Due to the portability, you can use this ice maker for kitchen, boat, RV, parties, and other events. It’s a good option for enjoying various beverages like iced tea, juice, soda, or mixed drinks.


The see-through feature lets you watch the ice level, which is important if you have a big family or large party.

There are also 6 LED light indicators that show when the reservoir’s water level is low. You just have to add some more water to keep the unit operating.

There’s also an alert that informs you when the ice bucket is full. This informs you when you need to empty the container to free up space for more ice.

There’s also a compressor cooling system that’s low-noise. This makes your leisure time more enjoyable since you won’t have to deal with loud noises, which can be a hassle.


This ice maker includes a modern/sleek design. It has a neutral color, so it complements any color schemes in your home or commercial kitchen.

The Costway ice maker is portable/compact, so it’s easy to use it just about anywhere.

Ease of Use/Installation

The machine makes ice in an average of 8 minutes. So if you need ice in a jiffy, the Costway unit can crank out ice in under 10 minutes.

The unit is very easy to clean with soap or vinegar, and cotton swabs for tough-to-reach areas. Then simply wash/dry the ice maker.

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Nutri Chef NutriChef Portable Countertop Ice Maker (PICEM15) by NutriChef


The PICEM15 is a portable ice maker from NutriChef. It’s a stain-resistant restaurant-style ice machine with built-in freezer.


This maker produces up to 22 lbs. of ice/day. This makes it a good option for events like big parties. So your guests can enjoy many kinds of cold drinks like daiquiris, margaritas, and pina coladas.

The storage capacity is also largely due to the built-in water reservoir. It stores a maximum of 1.8 liters of H2O. The large storage capacity helps to prevent you from running out of rice and keep the party going all night long.



The PICEM15 is a portable ice machine you can use for different applications. That includes barbecues, boat, pol, tailgate/block parties, camping, etc.


The portable ice maker is very quiet so you can get the power of commercial units without the loud noise they produce. This allows your household and guests to have a good time whether it’s a party, camping, etc.

You can make ice cubes of 3 different sizes including small, medium, and large. You just have to press the touch button controls on the top panel in order to produce pellet-shaped ice.

The ice maker is bundled with a hand-scoop ice shovel. This eliminates the need to purchase one separately, which is a plus. You’ll have more money to spend on things like party food.

The ice maker is also bundled with a 4.6-ft. power cord so this is another item you won’t have to purchase in order to operate the unit.


The unit is compact/portable enough you can place it on a countertop or table for easy operation.

The PICEM15 is powerful, fast, and quiet. You just add water the unit and press a button. Then you can get ice in as fast as 11 minutes. This figure is much faster than standard ice trays that often take hours to freeze ice.

The PICEM15 offers the perfect size. It’s small enough for single-serving drinks yet large enough for re-stocking coolers for tailgate parties and camping trips.

Ease of Use/Installation

The PICEM15 is very easy to use. You just have to plug it in, add enough water, then wait for the unit to produce ice instantly.

The ice maker is convenient to use due to the quick-view window that lets you observe the ice levels. LED lights alert you when you have to add water or refill the ice tray.

This ice maker is easy to clean and move. It’s made of stain-resistant ABS plastic, so it’s a cinch to clean. This makes it easier to prepare the ice maker for the next session. It also helps to prevent the total time you’ll need to maintain and clean the unit.

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Side By Side Comparison

  • by NewAir

    NewAir AI-100CB Portable Ice Maker, Blue by NewAir

    NewAir AI-100CB Portable Ice Maker, Blue by NewAir

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  • by COSTWAY

    COSTWAY Ice Maker Machine, Portable Counter Top Electric Ice Machine, Silent & Easy Operation, 12Kg Ice in 24 Hours, 2.2 L Tank, Including Scoop and Removable Basket

    COSTWAY Ice Maker Machine, Portable Counter Top Electric Ice Machine, Silent & Easy Operation, 12Kg Ice in 24 Hours, 2.2 L Tank, Including Scoop and Removable Basket

    check pricing
  • by Nutri Chef

    NutriChef Portable Countertop Ice Maker (PICEM15) by NutriChef

    NutriChef Portable Countertop Ice Maker (PICEM15) by NutriChef

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Look For in a Portable Ice Maker?


Portable ice makers are a niche so you should do some research about some of the top brands on the market. It’s generally best to go with such companies since they’ve been around a while. The produces and service of such companies tend to be better than other manufacturers’.

On the other hand, startup companies and generic/off-brands are a big gamble. You might have a good experience with their ice makers, but it’s much less likely than if you pick an established brand. You could even have problems returning a defective product, so there’s that.


Unfortunately, you won’t find a cornucopia of different items bundled with ice makers. Some common ones include an ice scoop and power cord. That’s OK because the unit isn’t a multi-purpose kitchen appliance. It’s more important to make sure the machine’s components are durable and function.


This isn’t a major issue since form should follow function when picking a kitchen appliance. That said, you should consider some issues like the machine’s general design and color. If it’s an eyesore, it will be an issue you see it in your kitchen. As a general rule look for basic/modern designs and neutral hues.


You probably won’t get a lifetime comprehensive warranty for your portable ice maker. However, you can often find a limited warranty that covers things like defects due to materials/craftsmanship. Make sure to check how long the warranty is valid if it isn’t a “lifetime” warranty.

Sometimes you can also get a satisfaction guarantee. This is usually valid for 30 days and lets you get a refund or replacement within that timeframe. Even after doing your homework you might be an unhappy customer after buying a particular unit.


You should consider how much ice an ice maker can crank out in a 24-hour period. A high-productive unit will make about 20-25 lbs. of ice in one day. This can be a big issue if you want to keep the party going. One way to do that is to keep your guests’ beverages cold and refreshing.


Some aspects of ice makers like ice dumping are almost always going to be loud. However, if you pick a unit with an effective compressor, you can enjoy the benefits of a unit that’s both powerful and quiet.

This feature is an X-factor of sorts. It’s not directly related to the size, speed, or quality of ice produced but can be an issue when you have party guests. Make sure to research about the overall noise level produced by different units.


Light indicators can be helpful when operating the ice machine. For example, it can indicate the ice cube size you’ve selected, when you need to add water, and if the ice bucket is full. This is a relatively common feature but one you should definitely look for when picking a portable ice maker.


These are both related issues. If you’re using the ice maker in your kitchen, you’ll likely want to use it in different places like counter-tops and tables. Smaller units are easier to operate since you can easily use and store them.

The unit’s size is also related to portability. If you want to use the ice machine outside your home, then it’s a plus when the unit is compact and lightweight. Just make sure you’re not sacrificing too much durability or capacity at the same time.

Customer Reviews

Make sure to read ones like Amazon’s Verified Purchase reviews. These are more likely to be objective than standard customer reviews that are often fake/paid. You should also consider reading multiple reviews from multiple sources to make sure you’re not just reading the rants of a hard-to-please disgruntled customer.

Ice Sizes

Some units only produce one size while others produce 3. It might seem like a big issue, but it can be based on the types of drinks you’re cooling. Small ice is good for shakes or smoothies, while large ice is better for big punch bowls. Mid-size ice could be used for one-serving drinks like sodas, juices, iced tea, and so on.


More specifically, how much ice does the unit store? This can be critical for various reasons. It affects how often you’ll have to dump the bucket, which is something you’ll want to minimize when you’re entertaining guests.

It’s also an important issue related to how much ice you can store in the ice machine. If you’re trying to free up freezer space, for example, it’s a plus when you can store more cubes in the ice machine.


The old saying “You get what you pay for” certainly applies when selecting a portable ice maker. As a general rule, you should expect to spend $100-$200 for a decent unit. You can find cheaper units, but you’ll end up sacrificing durability, functionality, productivity, etc.

If you buy through services like Amazon Prime, you can also get benefits like sales/discounts and free shipping. This will help to reduce the overall cost of your next ice maker.

How do portable ice makers work?

They work by using drinking water to make small batches of ice. After the batch is prepared the machine drops ice into a tray/bucket. You can scoop out the amount you need. The units can produce ice quickly and are usually very easy to use.

What kind of water should be used to make ice?

You should avoid “hard water” since it can cause build-up inside the machine. This will slow down the unit’s productivity and affect the ice quality. In terms of health, it also isn’t as healthy as “soft water.”

How long does it take to produce ice?

This is different based on the make/model you pick. Typically a portable ice machine can make ice within 7 to 15 min. after you add water. Some factors that affect this figure are the ice machine’s age, how often you use it, how often you clean the unit and the kind of water you use.

Is a dedicated water line required?

No, since the portable unit just has to be plugged in whoever you use it. You just use drinking water to fill up the reservoir then the machine starts making ice quickly.

It’s worth noting not having a dedicated water line isn’t always a plus. If you’re using the ice maker for heavy-duty ice-production, then you should consider a non-portable unit since will be easier to add water to the unit.

What’s the difference between ice production and storage?

These are two different things. Storage involves the amount of ready-to-ice service it can hold. Productive is related to how much ice the model can produce in a 24-hour period.

These are some issues that are negatively affected by the unit’s portability. They’re very convenient but also have lower productivity and storage than non-portable units.

How do you clean portable ice machines?

This is typically very easy. The instructions differ for different models. Typically it involves:

Dumping all water/ice in the unit

Using a towel to clean the interior

Pouring cleaner/water or vinegar into the unit

Rinsing/drying the machine

It’s always important to follow a manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, which are usually included with the item or can be downloaded from the web.

Does a portable ice machine need a drain line?

No this isn’t required along with a dedicated water line. The unit turns melted ice back into ice. This process continues until you add more water or have used all the ice.

Do the units have drains?

This typically isn’t included in portable units. This means the water drips into the basic then it’s recycled to make new ice. This makes the unit more energy-efficient since it doesn’t waste melting ice.