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  • The 6 Best Smart LED Light Bulbs

    We took 15 different smart LED light bulbs and put them to the test to see which ones offered the best lighting and features. After carefully reviewing each one, 6 made our shortlist. The LIFX (B22) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb is our top rated, offering wide compatibility options and vivid, colourful lighting that will perfectly accentuate any room you use it in.The Philips Hue White Personal Wireless Lighting LED B22 Twin Pack is second on our list as it offers bright, smart lighting that’s controllable anywhere you go. It comes with two smart LED bulbs which make it a great value option as well.Below is our comparison table and individual product reviews to help you to decide which smart LED light bulbs are best for your needs.

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  • The 8 Best LED Strip Lights

    After testing out 15 different LED strip lights over a span of 24 hours, 8 of them made the list as one of the best products available. Upon further testing, the LE Flexible LED Strip Lights topped our review because of its functionality and overall value. It comes in 5 meters and uses 300 bright white LEDS to light up your room or decorate your appliances. The Dear Misery LED TV backlight LED Strip Lights are also worth mentioning. It comes with a remote for controlling which colors to display and the LEDs lit up bright and evenly as well. Read more and check out our comparison table below to find out which of the best LED strip lights are the right one for you.

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Lighting Reviews

Lighting is extremely important in your home, it helps you to set the mood and create the perfect ambience. There are so many different types of lighting from lamps to spotlights, here at Only Reviews we are going to help you choose the perfect lighting for your office, home or shop by providing you with the best and most up-to-date advice on all of your lighting needs.
Many of us are switching to energy-saving lighting that used less energy and lasts a lot longer. These lights have a reputation for being a lot dimmer but the advantages of energy-saving lighting mean that the quality is just as good as traditional CFL, halogen or incandescent bulbs.
As well as conducting our own reviews, Only Reviews has read other reviews to ensure we have a comprehensive view of the products we have reviewed.


Spotlights have become increasingly popular over the past few years with many opting for bright, focused lights in key areas of the house. The kitchen is an ideal location to place spotlights as this offers direct, bright lighting on worktops. Spotlights are furthermore ideal for bathrooms and hallways where mood lighting is not required. We have tested hundreds of varying spotlights so you can make an informed decision. From the quality of the lights to the usability of replacing dead bulbs and the different pricing variants; we have considered everything in our reviews.

Dimmer Lights

Dimmer lights offer homeowners the opportunity to adjust the light strength depending on their needs. These dimmer lights can be easily introduced to your home and we have reviewed some of the best on the market.
Our reviewers have spent hours testing products and reading the reviews of other consumers to ensure the advice and reviews on Only Reviews is fully comprehensive and representational.

Outdoor Lighting

Buying outdoor lights seems relatively easy but there are a lot more options that you’d initially realise. From sensor lighting that is used as a security precaution to floor lights and garden lighting, Only Reviews has spent hours assessing some of the best outdoor lighting products currently on the market. From testing the longevity of the lights to the practicality of fitting and replacing the lights as well as the style – we have taken everything into account to bring you honest and real reviews.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting in the kitchen is essential to ensuring you can function at your best - for the kitchen its best to have several options, so you can change the lighting depending on the use of the kitchen. For cooking, you want bright lighting but if you’re entertaining, you’ll want the lights to be a little dimmer.
Kitchen lighting can add great aesthetics; it can make a small kitchen look bigger and a big kitchen look more welcoming. Only Reviews can help you to distinguish the right lighting for your kitchen space and show you all of the different options available.

Living Room Lighting

The lighting you choose for your living room can have a massive impact on the space – how it feels; if it's inviting and if it brings everything else in the room together well.
You need to light key areas such as the sofa, coffee table, side table, plants and bookcases. Lamps are a great way to add mood lighting to your living space and there are a lot of different options; from floor lamps to curved lamps and table lamps. For the best reviews and advice on living room lighting, Only Reviews has every you could need.

Bedroom Lights

The best bedroom lighting is soft and inviting that can be created with a variation of lighting options such as bedside lamps and dimmer ceiling lights.
Dimmer lights are perfect for mood lighting, allowing you to control more than just ‘on’ and ‘off’. The most important lighting in the bedroom is definitely bedside lamps, not only do they look great but they definitely complete a room and make it look really cosy. Bedroom lighting needs to be bright enough to get ready on dark mornings but calming enough for evenings when you want gentle lighting before bed.

LED Lighting

On Only Reviews, you will find extensive reviews on some of the best-LED light bulbs on the market. LED lights and LED light bulbs are becoming increasingly popular with more and more retailers offering this style of lighting. LED lights are currently the most economic lights; they are longer lasting, emit little heat and are more energy-efficient than any other lights on the market. LED lights make it easier for homeowners to find exactly the right illumination for the space, as they come in a range of colours and finishes making it easy to match an LED light to your home.


Lampshades can add a great deal to your space; from the living room to the bedroom, the right lampshade can really make a room. From bright colours to prints, patterns and different materials; lampshades can become a feature of your home and bring all the different elements together.
When choosing a lampshade, you should try and tie it into the rest of the colour scheme that you have in your home or the room you’re decorating. The material is also important as this can soften the brightness of the bulb.
If you don’t like lampshades, you may opt for something more stylish such as naked bulbs or even a chandelier which can be a real feature of your room.

Only Reviews is the ultimate destination for all of your recommendations and reviews. From lighting to beauty, games to sports, Only Reviews features tried and tested product reviews from real people.