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  • The Best RFID Blocking Wallets (available in the UK )

    We spent over 50 hours testing out more than 40 different models of RFID blocking wallets. In the end we concluded that the Hoobest slim wallet with money clip is the best RFID blocking wallet. It combines all the great features that you would expect from a wallet. It is stylish, compact and made from high quality leather. Plus, you strike an excellent bargain. We also found 9 more RFID blocking wallets that performed exceptionally well in terms of design, convenience and protection of personal information from RFID skimming. The Mt. Eston RFID blocking men’s leather wallet for example, had the largest number of pockets at 18. Continue reading to find out more!

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  • The 8 Best Rolling Backpacks

    We took 15 different rolling backpacks and tested them for over 24 hours to find out which ones are the best for your traveling needs. After extensively reviewing and testing the products, the The Coofit Wheeled Backpack stood out as the best rolling backpack that’s waterproof in design and offers plenty of compartments to store your various items and belongings. The City Bag Wheeled Backpack is also a solid choice that provides great value for its price. It has two long sturdy legs that help keep the backpack propped up in a stable position when used as a roller. To find out more about the best rolling backpacks, check out the comparison chart below to see which ones you should pick up.

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Luggage Reviews

Onlyreview’s luggage section offers readers with the best purchase information and buying guides. You will find everything here from umbrellas to laptop bags. We recommend that before you make your selection, read through our reviews to help you make an informed choice.

Our top team of experts have over 40 years’ experience between them and together have spent countless hours reviewing the best products on our list. The reviews are made after careful analysis of the different available models and then handpicking the top performing ones based on durability, reliability and efficiency to give you only the best picks.

With advancement in technology, crime has also gone up. Protect your bank card information with any of our top picks in the best RFID blocking wallets available in the UK review. If you don’t want to carry the weight of a backpack on your back, check out the 8 best rolling back packs review.


We spent 100 hours testing 50 different backpacks. We also spoke to university students and learners about the qualities of the best and most reliable backpacks. Thick and strong straps, strong fabric and double knitting are some important factors that we considered in our reviews.

In the top best backpacks available in the market review, learn how to tell the different types of backpacks apart. You will also discover how to pick the best size for your needs as well as what to avoid when looking to buy the best backpack.


Our reviewers took 40 different suitcases and spent over 50 hours testing each one. In our review we provide you with only the top best suitcases in the market. Among the most important factors considered during the review was large toothed zippers for durability, large capacity and multiple compartments.

Suitcases are an important travel companion. In our review, learn to pick the right one for your travel needs. Find out whether hard body or expandable suitcases are the best for your individual needs. With the intensive effort and research done, you can be sure to find the best suitcase after reading the review.

Business and Laptop Bags

Onlyreviews took 40 laptop bags and spent 70 hours testing them to find the best bags in the market. Read our review to find out everything you want to know to make the best choice. The best laptop bags will hold not only the laptop but the extra gadgets as well.

Speaking of holding the laptop, while it is possible to carry a laptop in any bag, the top best laptop bags come in different sizes to hold the device tight and snug and prevent it from moving about. Our review of the top 10 best laptop bags provides you with the different bags that we found performed the best compared to all others.

Find the best laptop bag for you even while being on a tight budget.

Waist Bags

Our reviewers found 40 waist bags and took 50 hours testing them for water resistance, size and number of compartments to bring you our top picks for the best waist bags available in the market. Our review will tell you how to choose the best waist bag for your needs.

You will be able to select a high-quality bag with strong straps that will help you carry your phones and other gadgets. As a result of the careful and intensive analysis by our reviewers, you can find a high-quality product with prices ranging from high to the more affordable models.

For example, a waist bag with a thick and strong strap can help you carry heavier objects while the best water-resistant bags mean that your gadgets are safe in case you find yourself out in the rain. Learn everything you need to know about the best waist bags at Onlyreviews.


When shopping for the best umbrellas, Onlyreviews is your trusty partner in helping you make the best choice. Our reviewers took 40 models and subjected them to different artificial tests that took the process over 100 hours. Our top 10 best review provides you with the findings.

The best umbrellas come with a strong fabric that is weather resistant. In our review, you will also find out how to pick the best frames which will prevent the umbrella from caving during strong winds.