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  • The Best RFID Blocking Wallets (available in the UK )

    We spent over 50 hours testing out more than 40 different models of RFID blocking wallets. In the end we concluded that the Hoobest slim wallet with money clip is the best RFID blocking wallet. It combines all the great features that you would expect from a wallet. It is stylish, compact and made from high quality leather. Plus, you strike an excellent bargain. We also found 9 more RFID blocking wallets that performed exceptionally well in terms of design, convenience and protection of personal information from RFID skimming. The Mt. Eston RFID blocking men’s leather wallet for example, had the largest number of pockets at 18. Continue reading to find out more!

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  • The 8 Best Rolling Backpacks

    We took 15 different rolling backpacks and tested them for over 24 hours to find out which ones are the best for your traveling needs. After extensively reviewing and testing the products, the The Coofit Wheeled Backpack stood out as the best rolling backpack that’s waterproof in design and offers plenty of compartments to store your various items and belongings. The City Bag Wheeled Backpack is also a solid choice that provides great value for its price. It has two long sturdy legs that help keep the backpack propped up in a stable position when used as a roller. To find out more about the best rolling backpacks, check out the comparison chart below to see which ones you should pick up.

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Luggage Reviews

From holidays to work trips and weekends away; we all need luggage at some point but there is a lot to consider; the size, material, style and cost all have an influence on our decisions when it comes to buying luggage. Choosing luggage can be a little daunting, especially if you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for. From hard to soft-sided cases, two to four wheels and the size, there is a lot to consider. 
Only Reviews has great reviews for all of your luggage needs. Take a look at our different luggage reviews for kids, suitcases and everything in between. 

Hard-sided Luggage 

Hard-sided cases are the most popular type, especially for that travelling long-distance. Hard-sided cases offer greater protection to your belongings as the case cannot easily be penetrated, there is furthermore the added benefit of being able to lock and secure a hard case and many believe a hard-case is a more fashionable option. Often, you can tell good quality luggage by the weight and feel of it. You want a piece of luggage to be sturdy and strong, but it also needs to be made in a manner that ensures it is not too heavy, so it doesn’t add to your weight allowance. 

Soft-sided Luggage 

There is a perception that soft-sided luggage is less durable however this isn’t always the case. The softer fabric makes the bag more flexible with space and many are expandable so no need to worry about squeezing everything in. The fabric is naturally less water-resistant which may affect your belongings inside. 

Cabin Luggage 

Only Reviews has tried and tested some of the best cabin luggage on the market, from durability to weight and price, we have reviewed all aspects to ensure you can make an informed decision on the best carry on luggage. 
If you’re going away on a business trip or a weekend break, then you may want to take carry-on luggage only. This can be a cabin-sized suitcase, backpack or small duffel bag and will ensure you miss out on the expensive of checking in a bag and also the hassle of dropping it off and collecting it again.


We have spent hours testing different backpacks from a range of brands that all come in varying styles and sizes. Backpacks are an incredibly popular form of bag for a range of people from school children to university students, professionals and are now a trendy fashion accessory. 
We uncover the best backpacks on the market and what to look out for when you are making a backpack purchase. From different sizing for your needs to the most durable materials, Only Reviews can help you to make the best decision on your next backpack purchase. 

Luggage accessories 

When you’re at an airport baggage collection point, you’ll notice how many items of luggage look the same. That’s why it is important to distinguish your luggage from everyone else’s; to avoid any confusion and someone taking home your belongings. Luggage accessories are important in this case; such as luggage tags or a piece of ribbon. Only Reviews has reviewed some of the best and most popular luggage accessories on the market so you don’t have to. Our honest and impartial reviews ensure that you can make the right decisions the first time around. 
Other popular luggage accessories include compartment separators and luggage protectors to save hard cases from being scratched and damaged when in transit.  

Laptop Bags 

Laptop bags need to be incredibly durable to withhold carrying such important devices. Only Reviews tried and tested over 40 laptop bags so bring you honest and impartial advice about the best laptop bags on the market. The top laptop bags come in different sizes to hold your device tight and snug which helps to prevent it from moving. Our review of the top 10 best laptop bags provides you with the different bags that we found performed the best compared to all others.

Waist Bags 

Waist bags are perfect for those who are on the move and want to keep their belongings secure and on them at all times. These waist bags are perfect for those travelling although they have become more popular within the fashion industry. 
Only Reviews tested many different waist bags to asses the different makes, materials and sizes suitable for your needs. Our reviews are honest and impartial advice on the best waist bags currently available – from waterproof waits bags to hidden money bags check out our reviews. 


When shopping for the best umbrellas, Only Reviews is your trusty partner in helping you make the best choice. Our reviewers tested some of the best umbrellas on the market and subjected them to different artificial tests that took the process over 100 hours. Our top 10 best review provides you with the findings.

Kids Luggage 

Kids luggage has developed so much over the past few years that its now a really exciting part of going away. From ride-on luggage to backpacks with plenty of room for toys and essentials, there is a whole host of children’s luggage options. 
Ride-on kids suitcases are the perfect blend of practical and fun for little ones. Not only can they be played on but they can also be pulled by parents in a rush and running for the gate. There’re not usually massively big because they fit into the cabin but they do have enough space for a few essentials, toys and fun things for the ride. 
Scooter Luggage is essentially the same as ride-on luggage but for older kids, scooter luggage offers a compact and easy way to fold the luggage into a carry-on bag, and it has wheels for pulling along. 
TrayKit Bags are perfect solution for your children’s luggage. The small backpack transforms into a portable tray so mealtimes on the go are much easier! This works just as well on a plane as it does in the car making it the perfect portable lunchbox and storage bag. 

Only Reviews are the go-to destination for all of your luggage reviews, where you can find real reviews from real people helping you to make the best decisions when buying luggage. Our researchers spend hours reviewing and testing different luggage products to help you purchase with peace of mind. Only Reviews furthermore offers reviews across a range of products from large appliances to health and beauty, take a look at our categories for more information.