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Musical Instrument

  • The 7 Best Karaoke Machines

    We took 15 different karaoke machines and put them to the test under a span of 48 hours to find out which delivered the best microphone and audio quality. Out of all the products we tested and reviewed, 7 made the list and the one that stood out the most is the Vocal-Star VS-1200 CDG DVD HD Karaoke Machine due to its overall performance. It’s easy to set up and offers a ton of features to customize your karaoke experience. We also found the Karaoke USA GF843 Karaoke System to be a great choice because of its features like the 7” LCD screen that displays the song’s lyrics and allows you to record your performances in MP3 format.

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  • The 9 Best Drum Sets

    We spent more than 50 hours looking through 30 different drum sets models available on the market. We wanted to find out which of them was the best as well as pick the top performing drum kits. The Gammon Full Size 5-Piece Drum Set is the best drum set. Other than coming with an attractive matte finish, it also has a telescopic adjustment and features a high quality and durable construction. On the other hand the Rocket DKF01WR Drum Kit has a rock n’ roll configuration. While it wasn’t the simplest drum set to assemble, it comes with all the necessary pieces. It was also super fun to play. Read on and find out more about the rest of the top performing adult and junior drum sets on our list.

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  • The 9 Best Vocal Processors

    We spent more than 70 hours on 30 different vocal processors that we found readily available on the market. We wanted to select the top performing high quality models from the rest. In the end we found the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Vocal Processor to be the best. It has a heavy-duty exterior, is simple to operate and results in a high-quality sound output. The Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD Audio Interphase is the most affordable vocal processor on our list. It still features a high quality build and an USB interface for recording both the microphone and guitar. Read on to learn more about the other high quality vocal processors on our list. 

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Musical Instrument Reviews

At Only Reviews, you can find the very best information and reviews on everything to do with musical instruments. From guitars to drums our reviews are hand selected to feature only the most useful and popular products on the market. 
Within our musical instrument reviews, we can help you to select the best musical instrument for you, listing the pros and cons of each and how real users rate each product. Our reviewers have spent hours using and testing a wide range of musical instruments so we can provide fair and impartial reviews. We have furthermore looked at other reviews from product users to give a fully comprehensive overview and ensure our reviews are representative of the wider population. 

Guitar Reviews 

Only Reviews has tried and tested a whole range of guitars to bring you a breakdown of the best on the market. There are two types of guitar that you should consider buying; an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. Both provide a different purpose with an acoustic guitar being better for beginners and an electric guitar being more suited as part of a wider band with several instruments. 
If you’re buying your first guitar, you’ll want to go for something simple that allows you to learn and develop your guitar skills, then after a year or so you can upgrade. Only Reviews is the best place to find all of your guitar reviews, from your first guitar to your fifth – we have all of the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Violin Reviews 

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to purchasing a violin and the price range can vary massively. Only Reviews can help you to select the right violin for your needs with descriptive reviews on a range of products.  Violins are a great, diverse musical instrument that is the hallmark of classical music. When buying a violin there are several things you need to consider such as the type of wood, whether you’re a student, professional or advanced and the size of a violin – which is based on your height. 
Violins can be played singularly, or part of a wider band and you can get electric violins which produce a much louder sound. 

Drum Reviews 

Here at Only Reviews, we can help you to find the perfect drum set by showcasing the best drum sets on the market. 
From children’s drum sets to adult’s drum sets, we have a range of reviews to help you choose the perfect drum set for your abilities and needs. There are two major things you need to consider before buying a drum set and that is space and noise. You need to ensure you have a detached house or a garage because drums are not a quiet musical instrument and they take up a lot of space. 

Piano Reviews 

Only Reviews have tried and tested some of the best pianos on currently on the market. Our reviewers have spent hours testing various brands and types of pianos to bring you informal advice for your next piano purchase. There are two types of piano; a grand acoustic piano or an upright acoustic piano – what is best for you will depend on your skill level and the space you have. Grand pianos are really big, so you’ll need a really big open space to fit it into, an upright piano is much smaller and is more suited to a standard home. 
Pianos can cost an awful lot, especially grand pianos and custom-made pianos. If you’re spending a lot on a piano, you need to check the warranty to ensure you will be protected if anything were to happen. Our reviews can help you make the best decisions so check out our piano reviews and all our other instrument reviews. 

Keyboard Reviews 

Choose the right keyboard for you or your children is easy with Only Reviews – we take the stress away from the decision making and give you the facts on the best keyboards on the market. 
Keyboards are great for children and it's often the first step for those who want to learn how to play the piano. Keyboards are much smaller than traditional pianos can conveniently be dismantled and packed away with ease. 

Musical Instrument Accessories 

If you’re looking to enhance your musical abilities, then you may be interested in buying musical instrument accessories such as drumsticks and amplifiers. Only Reviews has some of the best reviews and advice for musical instrument accessories market, helping you to make an informed choice when purchasing. 
There is a lot in the market for musical instrument accessories so Only Reviews have made it easy and compiled some of the best accessory reviews in one place. 

Check out the best reviews for musical instruments for children on Only Reviews, which will help you to make an informed decision on what is the best musical instrument for your child and what to look out for when buying. Only Reviews is the market leader in reviews for all types of products; from grocery reviews to sports equipment and pet supplies, Only Reviews can help you with your next purchase. Take a look at our categories for the latest reviews and helpful information.