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Musical Instrument

  • The 7 Best Karaoke Machines

    We took 15 different karaoke machines and put them to the test under a span of 48 hours to find out which delivered the best microphone and audio quality. Out of all the products we tested and reviewed, 7 made the list and the one that stood out the most is the Vocal-Star VS-1200 CDG DVD HD Karaoke Machine due to its overall performance. It’s easy to set up and offers a ton of features to customize your karaoke experience. We also found the Karaoke USA GF843 Karaoke System to be a great choice because of its features like the 7” LCD screen that displays the song’s lyrics and allows you to record your performances in MP3 format.

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  • The 9 Best Drum Sets

    We spent more than 50 hours looking through 30 different drum sets models available on the market. We wanted to find out which of them was the best as well as pick the top performing drum kits. The Gammon Full Size 5-Piece Drum Set is the best drum set. Other than coming with an attractive matte finish, it also has a telescopic adjustment and features a high quality and durable construction. On the other hand the Rocket DKF01WR Drum Kit has a rock n’ roll configuration. While it wasn’t the simplest drum set to assemble, it comes with all the necessary pieces. It was also super fun to play. Read on and find out more about the rest of the top performing adult and junior drum sets on our list.

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  • The 9 Best Vocal Processors

    We spent more than 70 hours on 30 different vocal processors that we found readily available on the market. We wanted to select the top performing high quality models from the rest. In the end we found the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Vocal Processor to be the best. It has a heavy-duty exterior, is simple to operate and results in a high-quality sound output. The Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD Audio Interphase is the most affordable vocal processor on our list. It still features a high quality build and an USB interface for recording both the microphone and guitar. Read on to learn more about the other high quality vocal processors on our list. 

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Musical Instrument Reviews

If you are looking for the best musical instruments, Onlyreviews is your proven partner to guide through this musical journey and help you find what you need. From guitars to drum sets to vocal processors, our reviewers here at Onlyreviews have spent countless hours doing rigorous tests to find the top best musical instruments out there.

Our reviews not only guide you through the best products in the market, but also offer you the best advice on how to go about picking the right musical instruments for your needs. If you are looking for a vocal processor to enhance the sound of your voice, take a look at the 7 best vocal processors review.

Are you a beginner or expert drummer looking for the best quality drum set? Our 9 bets drum sets review will teach you all you need to know. And for the ultimate in weekend partying with friends and family, take a look at our review of the 7 best karaoke machines.

To arrive at our top best picks, our reviewers took all the best musical instruments from each category and tested them against each other. High quality construction, excellent output and efficient operation are important considerations made in the reviews.


We took 40 hours testing 40 different guitar models to provide you with our top ten best reviews. Our reviewers interviewed professional guitarists and asked them what to look for when making the purchase. Combined with over 30 hours of internet research, this review brings you the best brands in the market.

At Onlyreviews, find out how to tell the best strings from the worst as well as picking the best size for you. Guitars require careful analysis and our reviews guide you through each step. After all, the best guitar is supposed to last you a long time to come. Check out what we found out at Onlyreviews.

Digital Pianos

Our reviewers here at Onlyreviews tested more than 30 digital pianos. They also interviewed top musicians as well as rising talent on what makes the best digital piano. Our review provides you with the findings and offers you a step-by-step guide in choosing the best digital piano.

One of the main points that we were sure to include in our review is getting a piano with 88 keys. The best pianos also feature standard size keys while also featuring a weighted action. Find out more by reading the review.

Electronic Drums

In our review of the best electronic drum sets, our expert reviewers here at Onlyreviews took 40 different models and spent more than 100 hours testing them. The best drum sets featured a flexible stand, high quality output and mp3 connectivity.

To find out all you need to know before making that purchase, take a look at our review on the top 10 best electric drum sets. Here you will find out how to test for quality fast and easy and to tell the difference between a reliable instrument and one that is less than ideal. Check it out at Onlyreviews.


At Onlyreviews we spent 100 hours reviewing more than 40 saxophones that we found in the market. The best ones had a high-quality finish, no dents and played in tune. Our review and buying guide has an in depth analysis on what makes a quality saxophone.

Learn how to pick the best saxophone from our list. We have done the hard work to bring you the 10 best saxophones in the market from top brands such as Andoer, saxophone, Magideal, LADE and Hal Leonard Take a look at Onlyreviews.

Studio Monitors

Onlyreviews’ team of expert reviewers spent more than 100 hours testing different brands of studio monitors. Our review of the 10 best studio monitors will give you a close look at the best features to look out for when making a purchase.

You will also learn the best way to place the speakers and everything in between. Some of the top best factors that were used as a basis for our review include the power and wattage, the need for a subwoofer, and the design of the cabinet and whether it is portable or closed.

Onlyreviews will give you an all rounded look at the best studio monitors available.