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Pet Supplies

  • The Best Automatic Chicken Coop Doors (available in the UK)

    We’ve spent over 100 hours investigating and product testing a huge range of automatic chicken coop doors to hunt out the best currently available in the UK, comparing many key features such as price, functionality, power source and weight to narrow it down to the best in the market currently. In our opinion, the result has a clear winner: the ChickenGuard automatic chicken coop door opener, in our opinion, ticks the most boxes and is the best choice for all your chicken coop needs, although we’ve put together a list of our definitive top five products below:

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  • The 8 Best Litter Boxes

    We tested over 30 cat litter boxes under different conditions and interviewed 20 users; all to ensure that you make the best choice. We studied these kitty litter boxes based on their ease of use, variety of sizes, material type, while also looking out for the one that gives you value for your money.Based on our research, the Modkat litter box stood out as the top choice, although considering some other parameters, some cat litter boxes were also outstanding. The ecoFlex Litter Loo was found to be a discrete litter box and also affordable. Six other cat litter boxes made it to our list and their full reviews can be found down the page.Check out our comparison table below, and read the in-depth reviews to help choose the best cat litter box for you:

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  • The 5 Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

    We Interviewed 4 veterinarians, spoke to 10 pet-owning friends of ours, and ended up selecting 10 different self cleaning litter boxes. Then, we tested all those boxes for their litter capacity, operating mechanism, self-cleaning technique, controls, and price. As a result, we now have the five best self cleaning litter boxes of 2018. Among them, the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box is the best for every pet. It features a littler-detecting sensor which starts the rake timer to sweep off the poop, a counter which tracks the frequency of your cat’s litter. And it has crystals which absorb moisture and odour which allows the litter box to remain fresh for weeks.

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  • The 9 Best Dog Sling Carriers

    We took 40 different dog sling carriers that are easily available on the market and put them through different tests. We wanted to find out which of them were comfortable for both user and pet, durable and had a strong shoulder strap. After spending more than 70 hours testing the different models, we quickly found that there were significant differences between them. We came up with 10 top performing dog sling carriers. Our best was the aokur Pet Sling Carrier. It has a strong thick shoulder strap and is made from a comfortable cotton fabric. The Ansef Medium Sized Sling Carrier Bag, on the other hand is made from a breathable nylon material. We found it extra simple to clean. Continue reading to find out more!

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Pet Supplies Reviews

From pet cooling mats to dog nail clippers, Onlyreviews provides you with the best in pet supplies and equipment. Our expert team of reviewers spent over a month interviewing pet owners and vets on the best features of the top best pet supplies found in our reviews.

If you prefer to keep your own chicken for some tasty organic eggs, take a look at our review on the best automatic chicken coup doors. Did you add another kitten as a member of your family? you’ll need a good and reliable litter box. Check out the 8 best litter boxes reviews. And if you are always forgetting to empty that litter box, our 5 best self-cleaning litter boxes will guide you in making the best choice.

Here at Onlyreviews we understand the importance of taking care of your 4-legged family members. That is why our team of reviewers put such considerable effort in selecting the top best pet products in the market.

Our review team also spend a lot of hours online reading reviews from buyers all over the world to find out which of the products on offer have the best and longest service life. Before making that buying decision, read our reviews to learn more on how to make the best choice.

Pet Cooling Mat

Our reviewers spent 70 hours testing more than 40 pet cooling mats that we found on the market. We enlisted the help of 10 pet owners and their dogs to arrive at the 10 best pet cooling mats review.

In the review, find out what to look for when buying the best cooling pad for your dog. High quality and durable construction, comfortable for the pet and simple to clean are some important considerations made in our review.

Pet Drinkwell

Our reviewers spent 50 hours testing 40 different models of pet drinkwells that we found on the market. We also found and interviewed 30 users of pet drinkwells and asked them what to look for in the best pet drinkwells. High quality construction, simple to use and the lack of spillage when full are among the important considerations made in the review.

Our review also guides you through the process of selecting the best drinkwell and how to avoid the less than ideal brands. We did the majority of the work to bring you our top 10 best reviews and help you chose the best products in the market.

Aquarium Stands

We spent 100 hours testing and reviewing the top best aquarium stands on the market. We also interviewed 10 aquarium designers and builders on what to look for when shopping for the best aquarium stands.

In our review, you will learn how to select the best aquarium stands based on the design, size and shape of the aquarium itself. At Onlyreviews we take things a notch higher by narrowing down the available models to bring you only the best performing and quality products in the market.

To further ensure that only the best aquariums stands are featured in our review, we also spend considerable time online reading other buyer reviews.

Aquarium Lights

Our reviewers spent 50 hours testing 40 different aquarium lights. We also spoke to 10 aquarium designers to find out the best features of quality aquarium lights. We found that the best lights depend on whether the aquarium is planted or has reefs.

Reefs require moderate light while planted aquariums need the best bright lights to enable growth. In our review, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top 10 best aquarium lights to help you make the best buy for your home aquarium.

Horse Rugs and Blanket

Onlyreviews took 50 different horse rugs and spent over 100 hours testing them on horses to find the best horse rugs and blankets on the market. For our review, we enlisted the help of 10 horse owners and also interviewed them on what makes a quality horse rug.

In the review, you will find out how to find the best size for your horse as well as the best weight of the rug based on the changes in temperature. Obviously with cooler temperatures the best horse rugs and blankets will be heavy for more warmth. Find out at Onlyreviews.