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  • The 7 Best Electric Skateboards on The Market

    Not long ago, the rage was for skateboards. Sleek, excellent design, easy to use, and free after your first purchase. Good alternative for gasoline driven cars and the more eco-friendly stock among us.  Many of us thought that would be the long and short of the fad. Well,  the skateboard has survived the wishes of those who didn't like it too well and fast-forward to 2018, the manual, feet-propelled skateboard is gradually being replaced by electric, battery-powered skateboards that give you a richer boarding experience with as little of your energy as possible. Electric skateboards have changed, and keep changing the world of rideable technology, bringing cool experiences to us that no one would have imagined a few years back. In as little space as possible, most of them combine the basic skateboard, sufficient energy to provide you with a powered ride for nearly an hour, autonomous and fine-tuned braking systems, and water resistance to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. And with the wide variety of amazing skateboards on the market, waiting to catch your fancy (and your wallet) c the appropriate skateboard to suit your lifestyle and your wallet size may be a bit of a hassle. Here on this list, we set out to present you with the overall best-performing skateboards across all relevant verticals such as board versatility, pricing, total comfort, battery life, and the most pleasing design. Hold on tight; our ride begins!

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  • The 6 Best Female Urinals

    We looked at 20 female urinals out of which 5 stood out for an in depth review. We also conducted interviews for women using urinals and they shared their experience with us thus far using some of these pee cups for ladies. The GoGirl Urination Device stood out as the recommended pick. It is safe for use and features antibacterial properties. It also comes with a patented splash guard to ensure nothing spills or cause a mess. Larger women will also benefit from its wider dimensions as compared to other women's travel urinal such as the Sodial female urinal. Take a look at our comparison table below, and the in depth female urination device reviews a little down the page:

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  • The Best Vertical Climbing Machine (in the UK)

    After interviewing 5 professional vertical climbers, visiting 6 gyms which house vertical climbing machines, and speaking to dozens of gym-goers, we bought 20 vertical climbing machines and tested all of them for weight limit, handle grip, support for various exercises, stability, and warranty. Consequently, we were able to draw up a list of 6 best vertical climbing machines. And of those six, the MaxiClimber Vertical Climber is the best on the market. It features a lightweight design, above-average weight capacity, offers a decent warranty period and comes 90% assembled.

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  • The Best Inflatable Boats (available in the UK)

    We spent 45-hours researching and testing 10 popular inflatable boats on the UK market. We then compared the boats according to their dimensions, material, capacity, and ideal use patterns. Only five were able to pass our expectations. The best among the bunch is the Bestway 2.91 Hydro-Force Marine Pro because you can use it for both fishing and recreation. For its price, it offers above-average attachments and it is also durable. Read the full list of comparisons and reviews below.

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  • The Best Clay Pigeon Skeet Throwing Device (in the UK)

    We interviewed 20 pigeon hunting experts, visited multiple throwing farms and read innumerable online reviews to collect a list of 20+ automatic skeet throwing devices and 10+ manual skeet throwing devices. We tested all 30 devices in a controlled environment amid different wind speeds, with five shooters trying to hit the clays coming out of them, and have considered important features such as its performance, assembly, quality and ease of use in our reviews and ratings. The result produced two clear winners: Do All outdoors Raven is our top automatic skeet thrower category and the Claymaster Shooter is our favorite manual counterpart. We chose Do All Outdoors in the first category because it has a sturdy frame, throws singles and doubles with equal ease and comes with a generous warranty. The Claymaster, meanwhile, is easy to operate, comes pre-assembled and one person could operate it without any help.

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  • The 7 Best Portable Basketball Hoops

    We spoke to 30 different professional basketball players, asked them what makes a good basketball hoop, and identified factors including simple assembly, large base, strong frame, easy height adjustment, and a sturdy backboard.We then used this information to review and compare the performance of 40 different portable basketball hoops. Only 9 models made the cut, of which The Costway Full Size Basketball Stand Hoop is the best as it offers good height adjustment, has strong and sturdy poles and contains a tough backboard.Read on to find how other models fared

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  • The 7 Best Bowling Balls

    After interviewing 10 professional bowling players and visiting six bowling clubs, we ended up buying the 20 recommended bowling balls. Then, we compared the performances of these balls on different lane conditions, tested their coverstock materials, gauged their motion and speed down the line, and checked the weight ranges in which they were available. As a result, we ended up with the 7 best bowling balls which will suit everybody, of which the Brunswick Rhino is undoubtedly the best. For, in addition to having a great pin carry due to its reactive resin coverstock, the Brunswick generates more friction on bowling lanes, and also offers a balance between power and control. 

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  • The 5 Best Battery Powered Fans

    We handpicked 20 battery powered fans, tested them in both indoor and outdoor environments, checked their charging mechanism, speed settings, battery life, and warranty, and could now say with certainty that the Generic Unisex 2-in-1 fan is the best in the market right now. Apart from providing 2 speed settings, the Instin has 2 speed settings and it can last up to 20 hours on the same set of batteries. It also contains 18 LEDs and a built-in handle with a hanging hook In addition to Generic, we have included 4 more top rated fans in the UK Market. To check their detailed reviews and how they compare with our top pick, scroll down.

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  • The 8 Best Automatic Life Jackets

    A team of our most adventurous reviewers conducted 10 days of hardy research fishing, sailing, kayaking, and swimming, to trial and test a range of automatic life jackets. Our testing team considered a range of features, including each jacket’s inflation type, size, level of comfort and general ease of use. You can find our in-depth reviews of the 8 life jackets tested further below, but our research has led us to believe that the very best automatic life jacket is the Waveline 150N Automatic Lifejacket, having both automatic and manual inflation and being a great fit for the average sized male or female.  

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  • The 9 Best Adult Scooters

    We spent over 100 hours testing more than 50 models of adult scooters. Win the end we came to the conclusion that the best adult scooter is the micro scooters adult foldable commuter scooter. It features suspension as well as large wheels that results in a comfortable ride. The deck is set close to the ground and the scooter is also easy to fold. We also found 6 more scooters that were the right combination of lightweight, ease of riding and convenience. The osprey XS2 big wheel scooter for example, has both front and rear suspension and is easy to fold and carry. Continue reading to discover more!

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  • The 9 Best Spinning Reels

    We spoke to over 20 different active fishermen who take part in both sea and river fishing on what they look for when choosing a spinning reel. We then tested more than 50 different models and checked their gear ratio, robustness, material of construction, and ease of reeling. In the end, we had a consensus among our team that the SeaKnight AXE 11BB anti-corrosion spinning reel is the best spinning reel on the market. It features stainless steel ball bearings, has a 6.2:1 gear ratio which allows fast speeds, boasts anti-corrosion and anti-salt construction.We found 9 addition models that performed exceptionally well against our criteria as well. The Abu Garcia cardinal SX front spinning reel, for example, has a decent gear ratio and is also the most lightweight product on our list. 

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  • The 10 Best Self Balancing Scooters

    After considering 30 self-balancing scooters but testing only 20 – and checking their maximum speed, mileage, safety considerations, charging time, and weight – we can now say with certainty that the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is the best self-balancing scooter on the market. That is, because, Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is UL 2272 certified, which means it exceeds or meets all fire and safety standards. Also, it provides two riding modes, two LED light bars, and a battery light monitor. It also has an EverBalance Technology which automatically levels the device for easy mounting. More importantly, its 350W dual hub motor allows the Hovertrax 2.0 to attain a maximum speed of 8miles per hour. Also, it has an auto-level feature as well as fender bumpers to give you a smooth ride.

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