The 7 Best Electric Skateboards on The Market

The 7 Best Electric Skateboards

Not long ago, the rage was for skateboards. Sleek, excellent design, easy to use, and free after your first purchase. Good alternative for gasoline driven cars and the more eco-friendly stock among us. 
Many of us thought that would be the long and short of the fad. Well,  the skateboard has survived the wishes of those who didn't like it too well and fast-forward to 2018, the manual, feet-propelled skateboard is gradually being replaced by electric, battery-powered skateboards that give you a richer boarding experience with as little of your energy as possible.
Electric skateboards have changed, and keep changing the world of rideable technology, bringing cool experiences to us that no one would have imagined a few years back. In as little space as possible, most of them combine the basic skateboard, sufficient energy to provide you with a powered ride for nearly an hour, autonomous and fine-tuned braking systems, and water resistance to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.
And with the wide variety of amazing skateboards on the market, waiting to catch your fancy (and your wallet) c the appropriate skateboard to suit your lifestyle and your wallet size may be a bit of a hassle. Here on this list, we set out to present you with the overall best-performing skateboards across all relevant verticals such as board versatility, pricing, total comfort, battery life, and the most pleasing design.

Hold on tight; our ride begins!

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Inboard Inboard M1 Skateboard


For the true skateboarders at heart, the Inboard M1 is the stuff of your wildest dreams. The Inboard M1 has everything you have ever looked forward to seeing in a skateboard - all bundled into one piece of excitement and offered to you as smoothly as possible.

The Inboard M1 is the brainchild of the pace-setting Inboard Technology Inc. a company that has been turning out skateboards for quite a while. Given that fact, Inboard has been able to employ all the expertise and experience they had garnered over the years to produce a spectacular board that is guaranteed to give you memories that will last you a lifetime.

The M1 deck is made of composite Poplar wood core, topped off with a fiberglass sheeting, and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art LED lights that allow you to enjoy a comfortable ride after dusk, as well as mounting points for the bearing, wheels, and the batteries.

No matter your level of experience, the M1 was built with you in mind. Three unique experience levels viz: beginner, intermediate, and advanced guarantee that anyone, ranging from the total noo who just picked up an M1 off the shelf, all the way to the professional who skates for a living will enjoy a fulfilling experience with the M1. Each experience level is controlled with carefully chosen speed limits that range from 5 MPH to as high as 22 MPH, ensuring that you won't take any risks that you're not prepared for.

Unlike other electric skateboards that are packaged with a single inbuilt battery, the M1 is equipped with an easily detachable Lithium-ion battery that can be removed and replaced with another. This way, you can continue riding your electric skateboard for hours on end without having to charge like most other skateboards - as long as you have the extra cash to buy a couple of batteries for your M1.

The M1 package comes along with a high-powered power-shift charger that fills up the 97Wh battery with just a 90-minute charge, ensuring that even if you can't afford to spend extra on spare batteries, you still get to ride your skateboard with as little disruption as possible.

The M1 is designed to hook up with its mobile app through which it can be controlled alternatively, instead of the RFLX remote. Via the mobile app, users can control the skateboards functions such as the head and tail LED's, throttle, and desired experience level. Additionally, the M1 is programmed to function based on a regenerative braking principle that enables it to save energy while braking, as well as to save energy, while making sure that you don't get thrown off with any sudden stop jerks.

The M1 is fitted out with smooth and carefully crafted in-wheel motors that power the tires out of sight, saving all the energy other clunky wheel motors consume with the extra space and weight they bring along. These motors are likewise splash resistant, guaranteeing that you won't be poking your electric skateboard with a screwdriver or spanner anytime soon.

Depending on your weight and riding style, the M1 offers as much as a complete 9-mile ride at a top speed of 22 MPH, giving you an utterly wobble-free ride.

And did we forget that Inboard offers a whooping installment payment program that is too good to be true? The Inboard special financing program lets you walk away with one of the Inboard M1 skateboards with as flexible terms as possible, allowing you to settle your debt at a rate that falls to as low as $1.6 daily, waiving all prepayment penalties that are accrued by regular bank loans.

In an effort to totally blow us away, the Inboard team offers alongside the really cool product they have to offer, a complete 12-month warranty that guarantees that if your M1 should develop any manufactory fault, you will either get a refund or a replacement with as little hassle as possible.

If you don't have the time to look around for long and choose the perfect skateboard to suit your lifestyle, going along with the Inboard M1 will prove to be a wise decision for you.

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Acton Acton Blink Lite Ultra-Lightweight Electric Skateboard with Bluetooth Connectivity, Black/Green, Large


Next on our list is the Blink Lite, an exceptional skateboard coming from an outstanding company that managed to land three positions on our list.

Over two years ago, when the market for electric skateboards was still gaining traction, Acton launched the Blink Lite their game-changing electric skateboard that still manages to surprise us today. The Acton Blink Lite is touted among skateboarders to be the most lightweight skateboard on the market - a record that it has held undefeated for two solid years.

The Acton Blink Lite's deck is made from maple wood and is designed to hold as much weight as possible in as little of its own, given that the Blink Lite can carry a rider weighing as much 180lbs.

With the Blink Lite, lightweight really does mean lightweight as the Blink Lite weighs under 8lbs, and can either be packed into a backpack, carried underneath your arms, or taken along in any other particular manner you fancy. This ease of carriage makes the Blink Lite a better option for children, as opposed to the bulkier electric skateboards.

A cool factor that sets the Acton Blink Lite is the fact that it can still be ridden as a conventional skateboard, even after its battery power is exhausted, providing you with much-needed flexibility. This factor acts as a compensation for the fact that the Blink Lite's battery isn't detachable like that of most trending skateboards.

As per range, the Acton Blink Lite can give you a 5 mile ride if you are skateboarding at a speed of 10 MPH, and is therefore, best suited for traveling medium distances, such as heading off to school (for the kids); picking up stuff at the nearby store; or dashing off to work on Mondays when you don't exactly feel like walking. And yes, we know most other boards can boast of longer ranges at even faster speeds, but considering the near giveaway pricing of the Acton Blink Lite, it is evident that this electric skateboard is a good value for its price.

Additionally, thanks to the low-resistance hub motor that the Blink Lite is made with, this electric skateboard accelerates to top speed quickly and without much stress. An app for iPhone and Android users links up to your board and offers you wireless control, as well as making it possible for you connect with other Blink Lite riders around.

In the bid to save you more energy, the Acton Blink Lite was constructed to incorporate a regenerative braking process that allows it to recover a bit of power every single time you apply the brakes. That is a real bonus to the battery life of the Blink Lite which is known to require around 2 hours for a full charge.

All in all, the Acton Blink Lite has a few glitches such as its abrupt braking that could throw you off balance or even get you injured; its short battery life that leaves much to be desired, as well as the fact that its small wheels don't quite guarantee a very smooth ride. Overall, the Blink Lite remains one of the very best, owing to its considerate price.

And in the quest to make sure all your fears are allayed, Acton offers a full six month warranty period within which any Blink Lite that develops a manufactory fault can be replaced.

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Maxfind Maxfind Electric Skateboard, World's Most Portable 1000W Dual Motors Electric Longboard (38 Inch) …


And as we promised, yet another challenger makes it to our list of the best electric skateboards on the market. This prime contender is a far cry from what the Blink Lite from the same firm offers and guarantees any skateboarder who buys it awesome rides any day. Over time, Acton has slowly carved out a considerable niche for themselves with their average skateboards that are offered to buyers at lower than average prices, inevitably drawing endless waves of buyers over and again.

The deck of the Acton Blink S2 is 31.5" long, and is crafted from sturdy Canadian maple wood and is designed to carry riders of various sizes. Some skateboarders who have experienced the Blink S2 point out the shape of the S2 as a factor they found a bit awkward, but still, the Blink S2 deserves praise for the drastic improvements it has incorporated from the Blink Lite.

The Blink S2 is powered by a rugged pair of 1000W motors that offer game-changing power to the wheels of the electric skateboard, enabling it to climb hilly terrain with as much as a 20% inclination. The entire setup is powered by a 160Wh battery that guarantees you a 14-mile journey on a single charge.

Regrettably, the Blink S2 wasn't built to swap batteries, and therefore, once the juice is down, you only have to pack up and head back for another charge. At a top speed of 18 MPH, the Blink S2 exceeds the performance of the Blink Lite with a wide margin, but still leaves a lot to be desired, considering that electric skateboards such as the M1 offer a top speed of over 22 MPH.

As to the exterior look of the Blink S2, the Acton team took some time to ensure that the S2 would be what it is now, judging from its lively green wheels, aluminum battery and the black mounting upon which the deck rests.

Powering up the Blink S2 with functional hub motors was a good idea from the Acton team, and as a result, the coasting on the S2 is a lot more on the lovable side than that of the belt-driven motor skateboards. The S2 can accelerate and proceed to ride along without any further effort on your part.

Additionally, while some users complained the Blink S2's deck proved a bit heavier than they expected, the tailboard offsets that by offering excellent turning and braking capabilities. Reports from customers who purchased the S2 indicates that the electric skateboard doesn't have any manner of waterproofing and as such must be protected from direct contact with liquids in order to avoid irreparable or costly damage.

The Blink app gives users an avenue to log their mileage on the Blink S2, as well as take photos of themselves having a great time with the electric skateboard.

In the end, the Blink S2 takes it easy on the pocket when compared with its other counterparts but could still use a few improvements here and there.

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Future Motion Onewheel Electric Skateboard


Now wait; don't freak out yet. The Onewheel isn't a miniature tank - try as it might to look that way - nor is it a board that is intended to get you a broken ankle on your first ride. The Onewheel is the product of the California-based Future Motion company that has been stunning the world with their range of single-wheeled skateboards that only keep getting better and better.

First off, the Onewheel addresses a pressing concern associated with any single-wheeled rideable devices by incorporating a self-balancing configuration that lets you focus on enjoying your ride and just that.

Like you didn't know already, the One wheel's rugged tire is suited for skateboarding across all kinds of surfaces ranging from asphalt roads, sidewalks, gravel paths, beaches to even rough terrain that will give you a harsh ride on another board. The Onewheel covers the entire enchilada of riding surfaces.

This electric skateboard is powered by a nano-phosphate battery that can keep you on the road for as long as six good hours and gets fully charged in just 20 minutes if you have their enhanced charger. With the custom charger, your Onewheel will require around two good hours for a full charge - a good deal when considering the range it can take you.

This machine's pricing may discourage you from buying one, and if you're on a budget, the Onewheel or its high-heeled cousins such as the Onewheel XR or Plus may not be a good fit. All the same, this addictively fun ride should make its way into your hands if your wallet can bear it.

This machine is quite suitable for riding through urban neighborhoods, but care must be taken if it is used in such an environment. It is recommended that the Onewheel shouldn't be used in traffic or similar ultra-urban areas to prevent accidents.

The Onewheel is powered by a 500W motor that keeps you rolling for 6 to 9 miles. And yes, the weight of the Onewheel may prove a bit bulky at 25lbs, but once you are rolling across the all-terrain riding surfaces, you will be adequately compensated for the extra energy needed to carry it once the battery runs out.

And it only gets better. The Future Motion team has made research and development a priority in their operations and consequently has kept on refining their already good line of skateboards to an excellent point of perfection.

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Tekzone Boosted Mini X Skateboard


Apart from the fact that its name sounds like a cool weapon from either Mission: Impossible, Fast and Furious or some other really cool action flick, it is evident the Mini X was designed for action.

The Boosted Mini X offers some beastly specs as most of its features can be appropriately described as high-end, but is still a good experience for learners, skateboarders of intermediate skill level, as well as pros who are looking to add a new board to their collection.

Weighing in at under 17lbs, the Mini X can comfortably carry a rider weighing up to 250lbs up a maximum 20% incline, while still maintaining an admirable performance that will keep your mouth agape for a long time.

  The Mini X’s battery is a top grade Lithium-ion cell that charges from zero to 100% in less than two hours, and guarantees you a 14-mile joyride at over an 18 MPH top speed. 

The Boosted Mini X also comes along with an ergonomic remote controller that allows you to accelerate and decelerate your electric skateboard with nothing more than a press of a button. A super-smart throttling function enables you to maintain your desired speed while making sharp turns, granting you far more flexibility than most electric skateboards can boast of. 

This sturdy electric skateboard has its features enhanced by the heavy-duty polyurethane wheels that are designed to resist wear and tear and to help a skateboarder efficiently execute basic operations such as braking and turning. The Boosted Mini X is a good companion for skateboarders who love the dare associated with cruising over rough ground, as it enables you to pivot your ride at really close angles while you just breeze over potholes and their kind. 

As icing on the already tasty cake, Boosted offers an entire 6 months of warranty, within which your Mini X will be serviced or replaced for free if it is found to have any manner of quality fault. This is indeed a good bargain for any beginning skateboarder who isn't expecting to spend heavily for just a piece of shiny plank ( so to say).

To top it off, Boosted really blasted the show with their excellent customer service as 85% of reviewers rated the Mini X at 4 and 5-stars. While many customers praised the smart controls, speed, and range, some other reviewers expressed their discontent at the bold pricing. All the same, for anyone brave enough to part with the cash, the Mini X will no doubt be a skateboard that will be remembered for a long time.

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Yuneec Yuneec E-GO 2 | Electric Skateboard with Remote Control Royal Wave Color


Last but not the least on our list (no pun intended ) is the E-Go 2 from the illustrious YUNEEC team that has been making cool skateboards for quite a while. And customers seem to agree with YUNEEC being an exceptional electric skateboard manufacturer since the product has been purchased by hundreds of excited users across American and British markets alike.

The YUNEEC E-Go is designed around the concept of cool, yet usable tech and comes with a reinforced wooden board that is guaranteed to carry more than average weight riders.

The E-Go was crafted with both stability, versatility, and speed in mind and can reach speeds of up to 20 KM/H when in Fast Mode or maintain a speed of around 13 KM/H when in the safer Turtle Mode. The E-Go is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery and can be ridden manually once the power is exhausted.

Regarding water resistance, the E-Go offers some measure of safety from moisture, but it is highly inadvisable to ride the E-Go through puddles, snow or any contact with water. 

The E-Go has a brilliant Eco Mode that allows the more energy-conservative folks among us to still get decent rides while saving as much juice as possible for your next trip.

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Side By Side Comparison

  • by Inboard

    Inboard M1 Skateboard

    Inboard M1 Skateboard

    check pricing
  • by Acton

    Acton Blink Lite Ultra-Lightweight Electric Skateboard with Bluetooth Connectivity, Black/Green, Large

    Acton Blink Lite Ultra-Lightweight Electric Skateboard with Bluetooth Connectivity, Black/Green, Large

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  • by Maxfind

    Maxfind Electric Skateboard, World's Most Portable 1000W Dual Motors Electric Longboard (38 Inch) …

    Maxfind Electric Skateboard, World's Most Portable 1000W Dual Motors Electric Longboard (38 Inch) …

    check pricing
  • by Future Motion

    Onewheel Electric Skateboard

    Onewheel Electric Skateboard

    check pricing
  • by Tekzone

    Boosted Mini X Skateboard

    Boosted Mini X Skateboard

    check pricing
  • by Yuneec

    Yuneec E-GO 2 | Electric Skateboard with Remote Control Royal Wave Color

    Yuneec E-GO 2 | Electric Skateboard with Remote Control Royal Wave Color

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Electric Skateboard Buyers Guide

What is an Electric Skateboard?

Simply put, an electric skateboard is a standard skateboard that is equipped with rechargeable battery power, allowing it to provide a richer and more enjoyable experience to its users. An electric skateboard incorporates all the qualities of a casual board, but with more speed, more opportunity for freestyle moves, as well a powered ride.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an Electric Skateboard?

If at all there are any disadvantages to owning an electric skateboard, then those will be individual because as far as we know, electric skateboards exceed manual skateboards in speed, comfort, maneuverability, and require less of your energy to get you a better skateboarding experience.

As to the advantages of owning an electric skateboards over the manually propelled variants, an electric skateboard provides you with a richer skateboarding experience, gives you a means apart from walking to get around to your engagements in the neighborhood and beyond. Not forgetting the fact that you can take out your board anytime you wish and have a perfect time, unwind and enjoy yourself.

What's the approximate price range for an Electric Skateboard?

From the Blink Lite that clenches the position on our list as the best budget-friendly electric skateboard at just under £200, skateboards go ahead to cost as much as a couple of thousands of pounds for some of the more significant, and more enhanced variants.

What should I look for when choosing an Electric Skateboard?

When in the market for electric skateboards a few factors should form the core of your choice, ranging from the use you intend for your electric skateboard, your budget, the mileage you desire to cover with your electric skateboard and finally, the overall performance of that particular skateboard in question.

Once you can decide on what you want in a skateboard, getting it shouldn't be hard.

What is the Best Electric Skateboard?

Overall, the best skateboard based on our consideration is the Inboard M1. Although the M1 is a little bit pricey, to say the least, the Inboard M1 is undoubtedly the best on the market. With a carefully and expertly designed deck that can accommodate riders weighing as much as 250lbs and a detachable battery that can be replaced with a fully charged cell, the M1 beats other contenders hands down for the position of the best electric skateboard.

Why is it the best?

As we have mentioned earlier, the option of swapping batteries for the M1, mobile app control, as well as its multiple riding options for riders of different ability makes the M1 a no-brainer for any budding skateboarder.

The M1 incorporates state-of-the-art technology to ensure every ride on it creates memories that will last you a lifetime - if you can brave its bold price.

What is the best budget Electric Skateboard?

Currently, the best electric skateboard that takes it easy on the wallet, while giving you a most pleasurable ride is the Blink Lite that will cost you just $300 but provides very much the essential performance expected of an electric skateboard. 

Granted, the Blink Lite promises less range than many upcoming skateboards, but it compensates for that with the fact that it can also be ridden manually once the battery power runs out.

What is the best performance Electric Skateboard?

The Inboard M1 may not be a friendly, smiley option price-wise but if judged based on the user experience and overall performance, the M1 is our choice pick as the top performing electric skateboard. Super-fast charging; replaceable batteries that allow you to go as far as your wallets permit; a sleek, functional design that creates lasting memories, and an intuitive in-app control module helped us reach our choice.

Where can I buy an electric skateboard?

Most companies that manufacture skateboards offer direct sales from their websites. You can also purchase virtually any skateboard of your choice on Amazon or on any other skateboarding site that gives you the opportunity to buy from them.

Which deck size is right for me?

Depends. Knowing the variety of sizes that humans fall under, it is quite hard to determine what the exact right deck size for any individual should be or is. As a result, it is better to carry out a bit of research to discover the electric skateboard that will suit you perfectly.

What's the Top Speed? Range? Charging Time?

Top Speed: On our list, most electric skateboards guarantee at least a speed of around 10 MPH, but the skateboards with the need for speed easily exceed 20 MPH with little effort. The top performers in the speed range include the amazing Acton Blink S2 at 18 MPH top speed and the Inboard M1 that registers an astonishing 22 MPH high speed.

Range: The range of an electric skateboard depends on the amount of juice the battery packs and how efficiently the skateboard setup can make use of that energy.

Charging Time: The optimum charging time witnessed among the skateboards we profiled is the Inboard M1. After a 100% usage, the M1's battery recharges in just 1hour, permitting you to get back on wheels as fast as possible.

Add to that the fact that the M1's battery is fully replaceable and can be swapped for charged up cells if you intend to keep skateboarding for quite a while. This versatility counts as a kind of improvement to the battery life and charging time of the M1 as only the price tag can dissuade you from getting a bunch if you need some spare batteries.

Also, the Future Time Onewheel has a charge time of just 20 minutes with their enhanced charger which may cost you a bit more for the better performance. The custom Onewheel charger that comes along with the skateboard will require two complete hours to fully charge up the Onewheel's battery and therefore doesn't make it as our choice of fastest charging time.

What kind of surfaces can I ride on?

The kind of surface that an electric skateboard can be ridden on varies greatly but mostly depends on the type and size of the skateboard. While electric skateboards like the Blink Lite or other smaller and lighter models may offer some discomfort if ridden across rough ground, some variants of electric skateboards (such as the monster Onewheel and the GT 2-IN-1 ) can be ridden comfortably over gravel and other uneven surfaces.

There you go! The very best electric skateboards that are on the market waiting for you to pick them up with as little or as much money as you would like. Our list has covered a vast range of size, pricing, features, and overall specs.

Do you know of any spectacular electric skateboard that didn't make it to our list and you'd like to give us a heads-up? Don't hesitate to reach out to us. Or perhaps you have owned or currently own any one of these?

How has your experience been with it? Let us know in the comments section.