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Onlyreviews provides you with a one stop go-to guide for your buying choices. Through reading our reviews and buying guides, you will find the top best products available in the market. Our expert team of reviewers have over 40 years of experience between them and spend countless hours separating the best products form the average.

You will find the best in office supplies here at Onlyreviews from ink cartridges and pens to shredders and calculators. We have reviewed the top products so you do not have to do the hard work. Simply click on any of the top best products listed.

In the review you will find out everything you need to know about the best products listed. Learn what to look for when making that buying decision as well as the pros and cons involved in using any of the products.

To arrive at the reviews, Onlyreviews takes the products available in the market and compared them on predetermined criteria such as quality construction, durability, ease of use and comfort. Our reviewers then individually handpick only the top performing and best products from the bunch. We also read what other consumers are saying through their online reviews to further cement our top best picks.


Our reviewers spent 100 hours testing 40 different printers in the market. We also interviewed 20 photographers to find the best quality printers. In our review we tested both inkjet and laser printers as well as photo printers.

Finds out how to make the best choice when shopping for the best printers and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of printer by going through our review on the 10 best printers on the market. Onlyreviews has also included some affordable models that still produce high quality output.

Ink Cartridges

Getting the best printer is not enough. You also have to use it with compatible ink cartridges for the best performance and output. At Onlyreviews we’ve found the top 10 best ink cartridges on the market after spending more than 100 hours testing 40 different ink cartridges.

The best ink cartridges in our review are based on compatibility, quality of ink which also determined the quality of output. For our photo printers the quality of the ink cartridge was especially important and our review tells you what you need to do in order to pick the best ink cartridges.


We spent 70 hours testing more than 50 different pen models in the market here at Onlyreviews. Take a look at our review on the top 10 best pens to use in the office. We have a large range from felt pens to simple ball point pens.

Our buying guide and review shows you how to pick the best pen as well as the pros and cons of the different type of pens. Our review was based on how comfortable the pen was and the quality of writing. We also spent countless hours reading online reviews to find out what others thought of our top 10 best picks.


Our team at Onlyreviews took 50 different models of paper shredders that we found in the market and spent over 100 hours testing them. We also spoke to top paper shredder retailers on what makes a quality shredder.

In our review, learn how to distinguish between the different types of paper shredders as well as how to pick the best product. Our reviewers have done the hard task for you to bring you our top 10 best paper shredders. High quality design, jam-free operation and removable bin are just some of the factors considered in the review.


At Onlyreviews we took 50 different calculators and spent 70 hours testing them to provide you with the top 10 best calculators in the market. In the review we factored our decision on high-quality construction that can withstand a fall, comfortable to use keypad and easy to change battery to mention a few.

We also went online and spent considerable time reading other buyers reviews. This is how we were able to provide you with the top best picks which were individually selected based on performance. Onlyreviews also tells you what you need to know when buying the best calculator.