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  • Best 4 Big Wheels for Kids

    Big wheels are great toys that any kid will love. They are not just for fun but also educative tools that your child can use to grow mentally and learn awareness skills. Owning one is also beneficial to the kid in providing physical activity and exposure to outdoor elements. That is a good thing considering how children are glued to computers games and other mobile devices these days. These toys each have three wheels, making them easy for the rider to manage. These toys have been around for years. You might have enjoyed riding one yourself as a child - but do you know what it takes to get a great big wheel?At Only Reviews, we intend to make your purchase journey easy. We, therefore, consult experts and come up with reviews like this one to find the perfect solution for your needs. Big wheels come in a variety of sizes suitable for different age groups. They include varied features that make them unique. There are hundreds of brands waiting for you to buy. But out of all these, we've picked the top four for you to choose. With these, your kid won't just have a toy. Instead, expect exceptional quality and a big wheel that is better than the rest in the neighborhood (every child's dream!).

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  • Top 10 Best Electric Toy Cars

    Toys have become more and more like the real stuff. We've moved away from the bulky non-functional dolls to aesthetically appealing, intricately featured, and versatile gadgets. With the new designs, children can learn better, discover skills, and develop their cognitive abilities. Cars toys are an excellent example. We now have electric toy cars that your child doesn't have to pull or drag in order to play. All they need is a remote control in their hands, and they can drive that thing in every corner of your home. Fascinating!But before you put that toddler behind the wheel, it is important to note that not all toy cars are ideal for your child. You have to consider several things including safety, price, maintenance, the value they will give your young champ, and more. For this reason, we have searched the market to come up with Top 10 Best Electric Toy Cars to lessen your searching burden.

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  • Top 5 Play Kitchens

    Children learn by watching and imitating. And when you are in the kitchen, they wish they could help - or replace you to be the ones presenting the scrumptious meals to the family. But since the kitchen is a risky place for toddlers, a kitchen toy is the perfect replacement. Using a top kitchen play brings kids together, and through their exploration, learn to utilize kitchen tools, and become creative as they imitate adults. There is no better way to engage your children's wildest imaginations because, with this equipment, they are closer to real life compared to other toys.With play kitchens, the benefits are endless. The toddlers become more organized, plan and execute ideas, learn how to cooperate during play dates, practice counting, keep busy, and a lot more others. With all these advantages, we at Only Reviews can't emphasise enough how important it is to buy a high-quality play kitchen for your kid(s).Making the right choice means this device should be functional, the best quality, easy to put together, safe, and long-lasting. Our teams searched the market and come up with a list of 5 play kitchens that will keep your children busy and educate them as well. And, we've considered the prices too.

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  • The 7 Best Laser Tag Toys

    After visiting 4 game arenas, speaking to 10 laser tag players, and reading innumerable online reviews, we narrowed down the 20 best laser tag toys. Once we had compared their performances against quality indicators including accuracy, shooting distance, scope, sound, quality of game play and light effects, multiplayer set-ups, and battery timings, we were left with the 7 best laser tag toys on the market. We decided our two top picks were the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack and 4 Light Battle Active laser tag toy guns While Nerf Laser Tag Phoenix Set provides exceptional settings like solo play, tag team play, indoor and outdoor settings, 4 Light Battle Active Laser Guns lets you use different weapon types in the game.

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  • The Best Bow and Arrow set for kids (in the UK)

    We looked at 28 children's bow and arrow sets, of which 9 stood out to us based on their price, design and accessories. Our testing team - consisting mainly of parents and carers with young children - spent over 2 weeks trying out each product (it’s a hard life!), comparing features such as bow quality, what comes with each set, the design, ease of use and price, to produce detailed reviews and a list of pros and cons of each set. The Laser Archery Set for Children by Denny International comes in top for us and is our recommended pick. It’s safe for ages 3 and up, features a laser for making a more accurate shot and also includes everything that makes an archery set interesting, including a quiver, target board, and suction cups on the arrow tips. Take a look at our comparison table below and our in depth reviews a little further down the page.

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  • The 7 Best Robots For Kids

    Our team of testers (and their kids) spent a not unpleasant sum of over 20 hours tinkering with a range of toy robots to find out which are the best out there, comparing features such durability, battery life and age range, as well as each robot’s special features and actions. While we’ve found the 7 robots we tested were all pretty cool and have their own unique features, our top pick for kids is Cozmo by Anki. The Cozmo has proven to be extremely durable, and didn’t malfunction even when the kids dropped it a few times while playing - a feature not to be underestimated when you’re buying for kids! The durability of Cozmo, plus its long battery life, is what we feel gives it the edge over the Coji by WowWee. 

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  • The 7 Best Board Game for adults

    Board games aren’t only for kids, but they’re also great mood boosters for adults during a party or any gathering. We spent 45 hours testing the 15 best board games out there. We compare each product according to their playing time, number of players, and skills required. We highly recommend the The Chameleon by Big Potato because it gives the most interesting theme - catch the chameleon or the guilty player. If you’re the chameleon, you need to pretend so you don’t get caught. Check out which other board games made it to our top seven list.

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  • The 7 Best Magic Kits

    We took 15 different magic kits and put them to the test in a span of 24 hours to see which of them were the most impressive. Out of all the products reviewed, 7 magic kits made our list and the best of the bunch is the Marvin's Magic Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks Set. It comes with 50 different magic tricks that include special magic props and are suited for both children and adults alike The Cartamundi Carta Magic 25 Fabulous Card Tricks Set is also worth mentioning as well. If you want to learn advanced card tricks, this kit will teach you everything you need to know about mastering the art of sleight of hand. There are plenty of other kits on our list for you to take a look at. Check out our comparison chart below to find out which of the best magic kits are right for you.

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  • The 6 Best Rock Tumblers

    If you want to create your own jewelry or polish glass or other metals, then one of the rock tumblers that recommend below might be a perfect fit for you. We have tested 15 rock tumblers and selected the models that best fit the hobbyists, kids, and adults. We compare each model according to several factors including warranty, capacity, and material of the barrel. Our top pick is the National Geographic Professional Quality Rock Tumbler because it operates with the least noise. It’s also built with convenient features, like an automatic shutoff timer and speed control. Check the rest of our rock tumbler reviews and comparisons below.

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Toys & Games Reviews

We all know that the best way to keep children happy and entertained is with lots of toys and entertainment. But in recent years the adult toy and game market has enjoyed growth with many big kids reliving their youth. 
But there are a lot of factors to consider when buying toys and games; both for adults and kids. From the many different options available to games consoles and virtual reality headsets; the toy and game market can be very confusing. Only Reviews has a team of expert toy and game reviewers who spend our testing different products, reading other reviews and compiling reviews so you can make the best decision. 

Toys for Kids 

The world of kid’s toys can be extremely confusing; knowing what to buy and where to buy it from can be especially daunting especially if you ever find yourself in a toy superstore such as Hamley’s or Smyths. 
There are millions of different types of toys; from boys’ and girls’ toys to toys for babies and learning toys. Kids toys can not only provide hours of fun and entertainment, but they can also help to educate your child and develop there early learning. Only Reviews have tested some of the best kids’ toys on the market so when a little one’s birthday or Christmas comes up you know where to find the best advice on tried and tested toys. 
Kids can go through games really quickly and what was their favourite toy can be at the bottom of the pile the next and never picked up again. Parents can spend hundreds of pounds of new toys and games at Christmas and during birthdays so it's wise to consider what you’re buying and ensure it is a purchase that has been approved by Only Reviews. 

Board Games 

Our team spent hours testing and playing the most popular board games on the market as well as new board games. We found a group of board game enthusiasts and asked them to review a range of different board games rating their best features and worst. 
Only Reviews provides you with some of the best board game reviews for adults and families so you can enjoy game night knowing the board game will not disappoint. 

Card Games Reviews

Playing card games have been around for millennium; with the first recorded card game coming from the Far East. Despite the many years that have passed, the principle of card games remains the same. Perfect for long journeys or quiet nights in; card games are the perfect way to pass the time and have some fun, all without taking up too much valuable space in your bag. 
Classic card games such as Slap Jack, Go Fish or Solitaire are quick and easy to learn and are multi-player games that can be enjoyed by many. There are also more modern card games such as Top Trumps, Cards against Humanity and Uno can be even more fun and provide hours and hours of entertainment. 
Only Reviews had loads of game reviews for you to make a decision about which game and toys you want to buy. Check them out in our category review section.


Adult Toys

Some of us will grow out of playing with toys; but for others, they will always be ‘big kids’ and enjoy games and entertainment just like their children, nephews and nieces. 
Toys for big kids include silly toys such as toilet games, virtual reality headsets and beer pong games that can get really competitive. Virtual reality headsets have become even more advanced with games, alternate universes and even films being shown in a virtual cinema. Toy helicopters, cars and drones are again hugely fun for big kids who love to play. 
These games for big kids can range in price from simple high-street versions to more sophisticated drones and toy helicopters that include cameras, recording devices and long-range distances. The more high-tech you go, the more you’ll spend with some of the best drones and toy helicopters costing thousands of pounds. 

Game Console Reviews 

There are so many game consoles available right now; from Xbox to PlayStation and Nintendo there is so much to choose from, and they all offer something different. This can make it a hard decision to know which console to go for when buying. These consoles update the model every few years and this can prove extremely expensive for serious gamers. 
Only Reviews tested some of the world’s most popular games consoles and game to provide you with the most honest, impartial reviews. Our team furthermore spent hours reading online reviews to help them narrow down the best game consoles and games in the market.

For all of your toy and game reviews, Only Reviews is here to help. From toys for kids to toys for bigger kids and families, we’re here to help you have great fun whilst enjoying your toys. Only Reviews furthermore reviews loads of other products on the market including kitchen products, lighting and clothing.