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  • The 7 Best Laser Tag Toys

    After visiting 4 game arenas, speaking to 10 laser tag players, and reading innumerable online reviews, we narrowed down the 20 best laser tag toys. Once we had compared their performances against quality indicators including accuracy, shooting distance, scope, sound, quality of game play and light effects, multiplayer set-ups, and battery timings, we were left with the 7 best laser tag toys on the market. We decided our two top picks were the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack and 4 Light Battle Active laser tag toy guns While Nerf Laser Tag Phoenix Set provides exceptional settings like solo play, tag team play, indoor and outdoor settings, 4 Light Battle Active Laser Guns lets you use different weapon types in the game.

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  • The Best Bow and Arrow set for kids (in the UK)

    We looked at 28 children's bow and arrow sets, of which 9 stood out to us based on their price, design and accessories. Our testing team - consisting mainly of parents and carers with young children - spent over 2 weeks trying out each product (it’s a hard life!), comparing features such as bow quality, what comes with each set, the design, ease of use and price, to produce detailed reviews and a list of pros and cons of each set. The Laser Archery Set for Children by Denny International comes in top for us and is our recommended pick. It’s safe for ages 3 and up, features a laser for making a more accurate shot and also includes everything that makes an archery set interesting, including a quiver, target board, and suction cups on the arrow tips. Take a look at our comparison table below and our in depth reviews a little further down the page.

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  • The 7 Best Robots For Kids

    Our team of testers (and their kids) spent a not unpleasant sum of over 20 hours tinkering with a range of toy robots to find out which are the best out there, comparing features such durability, battery life and age range, as well as each robot’s special features and actions. While we’ve found the 7 robots we tested were all pretty cool and have their own unique features, our top pick for kids is Cozmo by Anki. The Cozmo has proven to be extremely durable, and didn’t malfunction even when the kids dropped it a few times while playing - a feature not to be underestimated when you’re buying for kids! The durability of Cozmo, plus its long battery life, is what we feel gives it the edge over the Coji by WowWee. 

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  • The 7 Best Board Game for adults

    Board games aren’t only for kids, but they’re also great mood boosters for adults during a party or any gathering. We spent 45 hours testing the 15 best board games out there. We compare each product according to their playing time, number of players, and skills required. We highly recommend the The Chameleon by Big Potato because it gives the most interesting theme - catch the chameleon or the guilty player. If you’re the chameleon, you need to pretend so you don’t get caught. Check out which other board games made it to our top seven list.

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  • The 7 Best Magic Kits

    We took 15 different magic kits and put them to the test in a span of 24 hours to see which of them were the most impressive. Out of all the products reviewed, 7 magic kits made our list and the best of the bunch is the Marvin's Magic Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks Set. It comes with 50 different magic tricks that include special magic props and are suited for both children and adults alike The Cartamundi Carta Magic 25 Fabulous Card Tricks Set is also worth mentioning as well. If you want to learn advanced card tricks, this kit will teach you everything you need to know about mastering the art of sleight of hand. There are plenty of other kits on our list for you to take a look at. Check out our comparison chart below to find out which of the best magic kits are right for you.

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  • The 6 Best Rock Tumblers

    If you want to create your own jewelry or polish glass or other metals, then one of the rock tumblers that recommend below might be a perfect fit for you. We have tested 15 rock tumblers and selected the models that best fit the hobbyists, kids, and adults. We compare each model according to several factors including warranty, capacity, and material of the barrel. Our top pick is the National Geographic Professional Quality Rock Tumbler because it operates with the least noise. It’s also built with convenient features, like an automatic shutoff timer and speed control. Check the rest of our rock tumbler reviews and comparisons below.

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Toys & Games Reviews

Onlyreviews takes hundreds of hours in testing the products listed in our reviews. In our toys and games section our expert team of reviewers were very careful in selecting the safest and best games and toys for your kids.

You will find a diverse range of the best toys at different price ranges. To arrive at the best products, reviewers test them for quality, and interviewed early child development teachers to make sure that they are top picks at stimulating logical thinking.

Our reviews also provide you with the best information on what to look for when buying the best toys and games for your kids.

Are you looking for the best laser tag toys for a family game of laser tag? Check out our review of the 7 best laser tag toys available in the market. If you want to keep your child occupied, why not get them any of the 7 best robots for kids.

And kids are not the only ones that Onlyreviews focused on. We also have the board games for adults. Check out our review of the 7 best board games for adults. Keep your kids entertained with the 7 best magic kits reviews or let the kids participate in a target shooting with the best bow and arrow set for kids review.

Laser tag

Onlyreviews took 50 laser tag sets and spent over 100 hours testing them. We were able to narrow down our top picks in our 7 best laser tags available in the UK review.

Our review shows you how to pick the best laser tag toys and the important factors to look out for. We also tell you how to best use laser tag toys. At Onlyreviews our reviewers also read through online reviews to find out what other buyers think of our top picks.

Bow and Arrow Set

Our reviewers spent more than 70 hours testing 40 different toy bow and arrow sets for kids. Take a look at the best bow and arrow sets available in the UK review. Our findings focused on both fiber glass and wooden bow and arrow sets and tells you everything you need to know when buying the best in the market.

Our review narrowed down the list based on durability and quality build. The review also tells you the pros and cons of bow and arrow sets as well as which models will need parental supervision. Read through the review to find out more.

Robot Toys

We spent 20 hours reviewing over 30 robot toys to bring you our findings on the top 7 best robot toys for kids. While the experience was pleasant, our expert reviewers were careful not to get carried away and managed to narrow down the list on the best robot toys available on the market.

Our review and buying guide will tell you exactly what to look for when buying the best robot toys for your kids. High quality construction as well as extra features are just some of the important considerations made. To find out more take a look at the reviews.

Board Games

Our team of reviewers spent 50 hours testing 30 different board games. We also found 20 board game enthusiasts and interviewed them on the best features of a quality board game. Reasonable playing time, good quality components and simple to understand rules are some factors considered in our review.

By reading our review on the 7 best board games for adults, find out everything you need to know to make the best purchase. Our reviewers also spent over 100 hours reading online reviews to help them narrow down the top picks and provide you with only the best board games in the market.

Rock Tumblers

At Onlyreviews we found 40 rock tumblers and spent 100 hours testing them to come up with our review of the 6 best rock tumblers available in the market. High quality build and barrel size are just some considerations that we made.

Our review will tell you how to check for the best barrel size and material construction. We also spent considerable time online learning what other buyers found out about the best rock tumblers in our review. Read more to find out how to make the best buy as well as some advantages and disadvantages of rock tumblers. Only at Onlyreviews.